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  1. Making new Con-going friends

    Let's make some Con-going friends!!! that you may or may not have. Especially if you're going alone it's always nice to see a familiar face. Follow each other, get acquainted, become friends !! Whatcha cosplaying as? I'll go first! Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/larry.j.ellison.3 Instagram: kojiikinns Snap: kojiikinns Cosplaying : Metapod& Butterfree and also another one is undecided =] catch me in the masquerade =D
  2. What's everyone tonight ? Me and April need plans ?

  3. Soo I got a new phone and lost a lot of data switching over so text me your numbers 443-769-7987

  4. I wanna gett foooddddd somewhere !!!!!

  5. I need a model !!!!! I am gonna be making 2 dresses for a competition and need a model to wear them ...any female (or female identifier) or drag queen :D

  6. My god! I have not draft or sew in awhileeeeee 0.0 ...welp! 10 garments need by next month -_- #nosleep #AI-flashbacks

  7. Boreddddd what to do ?

  8. Work hard in silence .....let success make the noise

  9. Need more people for our drunken smash bros get together !!

  10. Ohhh hiiiii there !!! ( insert jealousy of my shirt here ) ^-^ do you know who this is ?

  11. Ahhhh flights are so expensive especially international....taxes are like 600$ anyone know of discounts or what not Pavel Efremov Raj Friend Dave

  12. So glad I got my diploma along with countless supportive friends and 2!! awesome new jobs. Really glad I met my cortiva family

  13. Salisbury here I commeeee!!

  14. Boreddddddddddd!!! Help lol

  15. Anyone bored enough to come with me to NYC tomorrow morning ? I have a extra ticket ^-^