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  1. I know this may not be the best place, but does anyone know a place to get good Belgium beer in Baltimore?

    Talking like imports such as Duvel or Tremens Delirium? ^_^ Would be awesome if they were at a convenience store, but I doubt it. -.-

    I don't think most of the places around the BCC would carry those kinds. Max's in Fells Point (it's a tavern with over 300 kinds of beer) may have it around though!

  2. I'm actually in a pretty good place, financially speaking. My job is stable, I bought a house I can afford, and I don't carry any large amounts of credit card debt. I have, however, already invested a lot of time and money into my AA table, so I'll be there come hell or high water.

    (I did, however, hear a rumor of a rumor that Aramark is going out of business - granted, absolutely no news stories have been posted on the interwebs, but I wonder what that would mean for the con? Source: co-worker's aunt-in-law is an accountant for Aramark; so any information I know is from the Smalltimore grapevine)

  3. Well, since we're just spitballing here..


    Gunsmith Cats

    Riding Bean

    Tank Police

    Bubblegum Crisis

    Project A-ko

    Newer Stuff:

    Hell Girl

    Macross Frontier

    Also..and this is just something I've always wanted to see..a subbed version of Ringing Bell by Sanrio. Its the darkest kids' movie I've ever seen in my life and its absolutely fantastic nostalgia. :D

  4. I have officially (as of last weekend) started making stuff for my AA table... now to begin 6 months of work work work work oh-my-god-better-get-a-table-WHEN-IS-AA-REGISTRATION?!?! @__________@-work-work-work

    RadishMart will be back next year and better than ever! I hope. I haven't ever NOT been able to get a table (because I am pretty on top of that sort of thing), but I still worry, especially since so much work is put into my products.

  5. Maybe it would be better if the point person just gave their cell phone number out so that whomever is actually coming could, say, call the point person at least two hours prior to the meetup to double-confirm their place, so that any changes to the reservation could be made? Just a thought.

  6. 1) Being interviewed for the Funimation podcast (awesome, I am famous)

    2) BEST COSPLAY EVER: That person who cosplayed Relax Bear. assdfkjslkdfjseoriuioserjsdlkfj made my week/month/year and now I want to cosplay Nyan Nyan Nyanko (possibly a cake). Me at my AA table as the Relax Bear perused my table: :D:D:D:D:D:D :DDDDDDDDDD

  7. Prereg: $55

    AA table: $70

    Parking (which was split four ways) $12

    Dealer's room: $100

    Foods: $15, plus $20 snacks for AA

    So, about $272, but I did make that back at the table - though being at an AA table 95% of the time (aside from smoke breaks and my one trip to the Dealer's Room) is a decidedly different experience than most congoers. ^^ I haven't been to a con for the con in forever!

    ... It sure is great to live in Baltimore, not to mention a ~10-15 minute drive from downtown. Free rooming!

  8. It's just that Spike is such a... depthy character to say the least - sure, Keanu might be able to pull off the action bits, but if any of his previous work is an indicator, he's not too great expressing any complexity in his character. True, perhaps it's the roles he's been cast into.

    How about Adrien Brody? Better actor. Oscar winner. He also would look a suprising lot like Spike.

  9. Man, I can't stand the abbreviation "idk," as well as other "short forms" of commonly used phrases. How hard is it to type properly?

    a/s/l ne1?!

    Also, I have a sort of strange name (Shari Fedak - no relation insofar as I know to Chris Fedak, producer of NBC's Chuck), so whenever anyone gets even vaguely close, I'm happy. I've gotten "Sherry Vedac", "Sherri Sedack", "Shary Fedick"............ the list goes on and on.

    Damn my Ukrainian/Polish/Hungarian/Galacian/whatever heritage. x___x

  10. Man, Monster has ruined me for so much anime... ;____;


    I tried to watch Death Note, as I heard it was a "thoughtful" anime; however, it just seemed like a lot of posturing. I did like the idea, though, but I wished they got more into the "morality question" part and less into the "ain't I cool" bit.

    Also it's more fun to cosplay Death Note than it is to cosplay Monster. How does one even cosplay Monster?

  11. I'm going with a seriously depleted roster of Fake Radish Studios members. :unsure:;;; Usually there's 6+ of us at our tables, but our 'organizes everything' guy will be assisting his wife at home, as they just had their first child. He's also our 'raffle' guy, so we will not be having the super Artist Alley disruption raffle this time... As it looks, it'll be me, my husband, and two other people. Rather sparse!

    To be honest, I haven't con CONNED in a really long time - I'm practically chained to my Artist's Alley table the entire convention. o_o

    At least I'll have my husband to bring me foodstuffs! <3

  12. While I don't have your 'xs' problem (although part of me wishes I did), I ALWAYS have a fit problem. I'm a weirdly curvy lady (41-29-40; large bust, big ol' childbearing hips, very small waist), so I always have to get my clothes tailored at the waist to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes. I'm actually kind of glad things are getting a little bigger - you can tailor down, but you can't tailor up.

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