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  1. Currently: O_______________O;;;;; Running around trying to finish products for the Alley, working a full-time job. I haven't had a night where I've done nothing for weeks...maybe months?! Got home today at 5:20, ate a quick dinner at 8, worked until 10, currently checking the interwebs, will probably work until 11:30, wake up at 4:30, get ready for work, leave for work at 8:00 (working on product in the interim between dressing and leaving).... been the same schedule for the past few weeks. It's crazy up in here, man. Someone better buy my stuff. ;_______; (subliminal
  2. Also next to the historic backdrop of a cardboard box Gundam and a sexy Moogle!
  3. Man, how did I miss that in yesterday's paper? Probably went "battleship?! Boring! Where is my muffin at. Nom nom nom nom nom" at 7am or whenever I was reading the paper. =_=
  4. Yeah, I dunno why everyone wants the "improved" graphics, I mean...the CT graphics were pretty outstanding for a SNES game.
  5. Do you have a citation? Is it a Fed case or a state case? "Hawaii case" doesn't really help me to understand whatever gravity the case may have. If possible, I'd like to read the decision to form my own opinion!
  6. If anyone's heading over near Barnes and Noble/Hard Rock Cafe/Chipotle, there's a new Potbelly Sandwich Works over there, too. They have the tastiest sandwiches and really awesome cookies. And I'm not jus' sayin' that because I used to work at one in DC. :< Also, if you're willing to go on a sandwich adventure on Friday, there's a place called Rosina's in rear the 300 East Lombard Street building (the one with Randstad in it) on the corner of South and Lombard. Easily the tastiest sandwiches ever, and worth the walk (and price). I would kill for one of their caprese sandwiches ri
  7. http://www.baltimorecity.gov/government/pa...Garages_v_2.pdf http://www.godowntownbaltimore.com/images/...ing_Web_Map.pdf Some of them are monthly-only, but most offer daily parking as well. ^^ Not too sure on pricing, but at least the first lil' brochure lists some 24 hour ones... I miss the little parking lot next to Afghan Kabob. Best value in con parking anywhere! $7-10 on weekdays, $5 on Saturday and Sunday. (I also miss Afghan Kabob, terribly.)... sadly, now that it's gone, I have no idea where I'll park. Too bad my job is no longer downtown.
  8. So long as the music isn't unbearably boring (and stuck in 1995) like it was at Katsucon (seriously, it was terrible), I'll be happy as a clam. Might I suggest Duck Missile's cover of Cocksparrer's "England Belongs to Me" for the Japanophiles, and perhaps some LCD Soundsystem or The Rapture to bring the party at least as current as 2006? I mean, am I alone in thinking that dance music should have an actual tangible beat to it? Also, if any Baltimore Club is played, might I respectfully request the remix of the Star Wars theme (nerdtastic) or "Pull Ya Guns Out" (North Ave. and Greenmo
  9. Tell me about it! I take the stupid light rail to work every day. Thank goodness I'm getting a ride down to the con... I should really get a car. :< Packed like SARDINES. And any emergency shuttle buses always forget Woodberry. Oh well. "The MTA is HORRIBLY UNRELIABLE" is, sadly, nothing new...
  10. I would like to see more San-X stuff.... it's been decreasing in number every year, and I go to the Dealer's Room JUST for weird San-X stuff. Bring back Frog- Style! And AfroKen! http://san-x.co.jp/ :3
  11. While I'm really, really not a Naruto/Bleach fan (Seinen is more my cup o' tea; Monster, anyone?) I don't really blame people for dressing up as their favorite characters- it's part of the fun. I remember one year when everytime I turned my head it was a Vash the Stampede or Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Much cardboard and fabric must have gone into all of those cross punishers, I tell you. Dunkin Donuts must have SOLD OUT that year.
  12. I live in glorious Hampden (in the city), so I will either be taking the light rail, or a car. Parking downtown sucks, but if I get an art table, I don't want to have to lug all that stuff onto the light rail.
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