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  1. Hotels

    Awesome. Thanks Matt. Appreciate the updates.
  2. Hotels 2018?

    Was just wondering if there was any updates for this week concerning the hotels. Thanks in advance!
  3. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    24,894 was the final count on attendance.
  4. Swag!

    Instead of posting what I got, I'll just post my video were I recap my haul and the autographs I picked up!
  5. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    I watched the video that the OP posted and while the guy does act toolish, going by what he said and going by his actions, I believe he thought it was an open event. He didn't know anything about Otakon, heck he asked someone on the street what the name of the convention was. You can enter the con to register at door, so technically speaking you can be in that area without a badge, but you need to register and purchase your membership. That guy had no idea what he was doing and he definitely wasn't sneaking into the con since he wasn't being shy around convention staff and Otakon staff, nor did he ever really leave the lobby area. I was kind of surprised Otakon staff didn't direct him to registration and explain you need a badge to gain access to the convention. Now we can speculate how he might not have bought a membership, but he at least seemed like a causal anime fan, so who knows, maybe he would have bought one.
  6. Also got a lot of people that asked me what was going on at the convention center. I would say over the course of the weekend at least 20 people asked me about Otakon. To keep it simple I basically tell people it's like comic con and almost everyone understands that.
  7. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Since next year's theme is mecha I'll request for the 13th straight year......Yoshiyuki Tomino. Probably won't happen but I request him every year, so it's pretty much tradition by now.
  8. Hotels 2018?

    Thanks for the heads up Matt!!
  9. Future Request: Quiet Floors

    Yeah there definitely was a lot of unruly people on our level this year. I mean usually you get some noise here and there, but when someone is playing dance music at close to 3 in the morning, that's not good.
  10. Food Recommendation Thread!

    Shake Shack and Ellia's were two extremely good spots I found over the weekend.
  11. Folks, tip (properly) the people who serve you

    That's a disgrace. Taking up a table for close to three hours and being in a large party and giving less than 15% is a joke, I'm actually surprised the staff didn't say something. I know I would die from embarrassment if I was in that party. I usually go out to a lot to different bars and restaurants during Otakon weekend, and the staff has always raved about Otakon attendees (especially in Baltimore), so maybe on that night it was a case of just bad luck and cheap people, that isn't the norm.
  12. Yeah it usually goes live a week or so after the con. I expect we will get an exact date of the block going live in the coming days.
  13. Check your Marriott charges

    That's crazy that they didn't give you a paper receipt. Every hotel I've ever stayed at gives a paper receipt, by either sliding it under your door during check out day, or giving you one during check out. Check your e-mail. Maybe they sent it there?
  14. The Otakon 2017 Roll-Call Thread

    Name: Eddie Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Primary contact info: You can message me on here but my main social media platform is Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/WeskerGriff Something interesting: This with be my 14th consecutive Otakon. The strange thing is I don't really follow any new anime, outside of Gundam, but I keep coming back every year because frankly I love Otakon and the people.
  15. Awesome job KSweeley! Thank you very much!