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  1. Overall had a blast at Otakon 2019! I must say this year everything ran extremely smooth, and the weekend was a lot of fun.


    - Autographs ran amazing. This was probably the most organized I've ever seen autographs. The communication was crystal clear from staff and everything was labeled perfectly. Well done Otakon!  Truly an incredible job well done.

    - Video Gaming Room. The selection of the games was off the charts and all the different arcade games especially the Gundam pods and Initial D were a lot of fun. Please bring them back next year as well. 

    - The AC. For real the air conditioning inside the Walter E convention center is one of man's greatest triumphs over nature. Instantly cool down from being outside.

    - Line management. The lines overall this year moved very quickly. Dealer's Room, some panels I went into, autograph lines, etc. All the lines I was in over the course of the weekend was pretty quick. 


    - I believe several rooms on our hotel floor were having a huge smoke out. Literally walking down the hallway to my room, it just reeked of bad weed. I don't care if people want to smoke up, but have common sense and either do it outside or with proper ventilation. I think even the hotel staff noticed because smoking fines papers were placed near the elevators by mid day Friday. 

    - Campers in the Video Gaming Room. This seems to be an issue every year and overall it's gotten A LOT better, but still there is always a handful of people who will not give up their seat or let someone else take their spot unless called out by multiple people. It's not even Otakon's fault, it's the membership's fault and people not having respect. I noticed it a few times over the weekend, but for the most part it wasn't a major issue, just something I wanted to point out. 



    - I'm glad someone else mentioned it in this thread, but I also noticed several roaches inside the convention center. And these weren't little ones, there were huge suckers. No freakin idea how they got there, but I saw a few in the Dealer's Room, the second level hallways by all the panel rooms, and several in the huge hallway that connects the Dealer's Room/Artist Alley. Can't say I've ever seen roaches inside a convention center, but they were there, and it was freakin gross. And I understand it's totally not Otakon's fault. Just something I want to bring up to staff's attention because the people who own the Walter E center need to do a better job cleaning that place up. 

  2. Have we heard yet how people who got their badges mailed can get guides + printed schedules on Thursday?


    I was wondering this myself. I collect the program book, Otakon bag, and schedule from every Otakon I've attended. It's a nice keepsake. I'm assuming we probably have to go to the Help Desk over the weekend to actually get one. 

  3. Some Japanese Baseball Players!

    I requested Masanori Murakami last year. In case you aren't familiar with him, he was the first Japanese player ever to play in the MLB. He played for the Giants back in 1964 and 1965, but had to be send back to Japan due to contract obligations. He's a guest that would be extremely interesting to bring to Otakon. I would be extremely thrilled if he was brought over. He has recently traveled in the States as he was honored by the SF Giants for the 50th anniversary of his debut in the Majors. Also the Orioles play right next door, so something maybe could be worked out there. He is a video of him throwing out the first pitch back in May. He's still got it.


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