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    First book (about American history, nativism, pulp magazines and comic books) due out next fall!

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About Me

Attending Otakon since 1998, but have missed the last two years and am hoping to make it this time around.

I recently finished Grad School, and at the moment am working at a museum. Now that I have a bit more free time, hoping to get into some of the shows I've missed the last few years.

I'm also a writer, with several articles to my name, and my first book (a revision of my M.A. History thesis) is in the process of being published.

I hope to try my hand at fiction soon, after I get a few more history-writing projects out of the way, but I beleive that takes a bit more talent than history-writing, which I'm not quite sure I have. But we shall see, I suppose.

Also very interested in the history of anime fandom in America; hope to maybe write something about that, some day, as well.

As far as video games go, I'm kind of on a Atari Jaguar/Turbo-Grafx fix at the moment, although there's some new stuff I'm interested in; that RPG that Ghibli worked on is something I'm looking forward to, quite a bit.

Anime is mostly science-fiction and/or mecha related for me, but not always the case. Natsume's Book of Friends, in my opinion, is one of the best shows to come out in years.

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