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  1. Yeah, its usually mid-July to mid-August, with a few extremes in there, like the one year it was July 4th weekend, and another when it was around August 28th or something, when most people were going back to school and whatnot. This year's setting, almost right in the middle of the summer is the best setup, I think at least. Looking back, 2005 was the last year that there was a video room devoted solely to Hong Kong movies; I'd like for that to make a return.
  2. I'd say Gundam Seed, just because I don't think there was really any need to remake the original Gundam with the Wing boys thrown in. And Gundam Seed Destiny, because there was even less of a reason to remake Zeta Gundam with the Wing boys thrown in. And Gundam 00 because...well, just because its garbage.
  3. In more recent years, more of my money has gone to just doing things around Baltimore than actually anything at the con. With very few new series out that I like, if I buy anything, its either comic books, artbooks, or some dvds here or there. So, my budget is has gotten lower and lower over the years, and being about 3 hours away and usually getting hotels as soon as the open up rooms, my Otakon costs have never been really that high to begin with.
  4. Only 8 weeks? That makes it sound far off, and close at hand, at the same time, oddly enough.
  5. I don't understand what there is to be afraid of. When I went to my first Otakon, I wasn't scared. I was excited about going some place that would have a lot of merchandise I couldn't get anywhere else (at that time, at least) and watching any new fansubs they were showing that I hadn't seen yet, like the Evangelion movie. Albeit, the situation is a bit different than 11 years ago of course, more mainstream, more people and the stuff shown and in the dealers room isn't as obscure, and as exciting to find, as it was in years past. I don't think there's anything to be afraid of; if anything
  6. My God, that is pure awesome. I'm surprised no one's thought of anything by Sammy Hagar. XD
  7. A few years back, me and a friend spent about half of the trip playing nothing but Wesley Willis.
  8. If it's an actual fact then why do I know about three couples who met at convention? And have a pile of friends I found at conventions. If you want to make friends, or find a relationship, you might want to work out some of that bitterness you've got going. And anyway, where'd the topic go?
  9. Just one more note on this, and then I'll leave it alone to get back to topic. What projectors are used in the HD rooms, and what format are the HD films in? I thought I read somewhere Digibeta, but that wouldn't make sense, since Digibeta is a storage method, from the early 90s, not a format, and it only stores in Standard definition, not High at all. So, that's obviously not the case. Just curious, as you guys know, HD isn't an exclusive term to one item, and no matter the source, if the projector isn't great, then neither will the film on screen. It looked great last year, though. No compla
  10. The return of the 35MM room would be great. I believe it was missing last year, but the previous year, it was great. It showed classics, in both anime and live action. That was really the highlight of 2007's show, for me. Also, more live-action films would be very welcomed. There are alot of Chinese movies, from mainland China, as opposed to Hong Kong, that are really good, and deserve showing.
  11. None of the ones you have listed are licensed in this country or they are licensed by a company that won't allow them to be shown unedited in this country. Yatterman may get licensed by then or it may be three or four years before we see it here.
  12. And there aren't any confirmed guests or anything....it's painful. On that note, Ru, did alabaster ever decide on that Most Thankful thread? I didn't see any posts on it...
  13. I can't see this happening, just because most people there would not care about anime, japanese guests, or voice actors, and would probably just boo them off. I don't know, no offense, but this idea just doesn't make any sense to me. Just because you think its cool, doesn't mean anyone else would. Its like baseball fans saying it would be great to have baseball stars doing autographs and shows at otakon, and hot dog stands in the center. I just don't see it being realistic, at all.
  14. I thought it was titled "You Are Not Awake".
  15. I would have to agree.......................... A message from the chairman about 2009, even little bitty bit of guest info would be nice.
  16. You can still go online and check the reservation status, rooms, number of beds, etc, I beleive. I'm pretty sure I have, at some point, since I made reservations in August.
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