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  1. Cosplay- 292.00 (I had to make a new one for Otakon.) Room- 20.00 (My share) Gas for travel- 40.00 (My share) Parking- 18.00 (My share) Food/drink- 50.00 Total- 420.00 (Thats without anything I bought in the dealers room, or while I was traveling..lol)
  2. Ok, so long story short: Saturday I was walking in my platform boots, and custom outfit. I had stopped to explain to some people what was going on. (They asked me why people were dressed up in costumes.) Well I explained everything to them, then they went on walking. As I turned around there was a man standing right next to me. He started to grab me I pushed him away, and he did it again. I kicked him with my boots and all, and to my suprise a group of cosplayers ran up to me. I just want to thank them for not just watching. (I guess they ran the 2 blocks over to me, when they saw e
  3. If anyone has pictures of me I'd love to see them. (Please?) Friday and Saturday morning/afternoon, I was Matsumoto from Bleach. (I went to both photoshoots.) The best way some of you might remember me, is I was the Matsumoto who picked up Hitsugaya for pictures. ^_~ Friday night, and Saturday night, I went in a custom outfit.(It was all green and black.) Description: 5-6inch platform boots, cyberlox, mask over face, goggles, white eyes, green makeup, Black shirt/skirt, long green 1/4 skirt, and I had sleeves, that were green and black "Kimono" style. I wasn't able to get
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