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  1. You can always cancel free of charge. That goes for just about any hotel out there. Just remember to double check what is the latest you can cancel reservations by. Most hotels have up until 48 hours until check out or else you pay a cancellation fee. Most hotels won't bust your chops on packing in a few more people into the room without their knowledge. Hell, a lot of them know people do that, but usually they'll only bust occupants on that if they suspect there's a big safety issue on occupancy overflow or if they're feeling assinine. It just depends on where you stay at.
  2. Just snagged a room at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor and I did call the Housing Office to confirm that yes, you have to go through them on the reservations. Only scary thing is, even though the reservations are set in the system they aren't transferred to the actual hotels until one week prior to the con. Can an Otakon rep please elaborate more on this? I'm a little curious as to how this will work if people call the hotels directly and get reservations that way. Would that screw up the hotel room block setup?
  3. Holy crap!!! I haven't seen Saber Rider in years!!!! RAMROD! **l** Got the first DVD tins of Voltron and just waiting for the vehicles and the animated movie (both teams get together) to be released! I am going to have such a bad 80's flashback I'll think I'm back in elementary school.
  4. Honestly I never knew there was an unofficial rule to tipping house maids in a hotel. But, I've never made a mess in a room even with a group of people. But I will keep this in mind if the house maids do a good job in keeping us well stocked and other stuff. I never use bellhops at a hotel unless we have a ton of crap to haul to the room (DragonCon in this example). I'll tip roughly $2 per bag I have, unless I have a big one then it goes up. Restaurants, 15% is considered the minimum tip from what I was taught during a weekend seminar in college. If the waiter/waitress does a goo
  5. I wish I could bike to work, but I can't due to the distance and the stupid drivers in NJ. I'll get clipped within a week of riding if I did that. Unfortunately there's no cut backs on the work week for us. For my gas/electric bill I usually don't have it go that high during the summer. I recently replaced as many bulbs as I could with energy efficient ones and I don't crank the AC unless it gets into the 90's and the humidity's bad. I normally open windows and have a couple of ocillating fans going for circulation. Seen a significant drop in my bill when I do that. Plus on the AC when
  6. **singing** Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love!! Now the Buckwheat version: "OOKIN PO NUB IN AH DAH ONG PACES, OOKIN PO NUB!" -- SNL with Eddie Murphy **lol** Sorry, it was too dang tempting to post this!! In all seriousness I don't go to any con looking for someone. If I do meet someone and things click then so be it. But a con is not the place to be looking love. Particularly an anime con. **cringe**
  7. Luckily I still have most of the weapons and accesories to my Star Wars figures. When I lost a weapon or two in the early years Kenner had a replacement policy for the vehicles and it was the same with the figures. But what I wasn't expecting was the TWO BAGS FULL OF GUNS AND STUFF to keep my figures nearly fully stocked! Shoot, even these extra accesories are worth some money I found out. Yeesh!! Ok, here's one from the early 80's, who remembers Starriors? **lol**
  8. This is a really bad 80's flashback with what you're all posting. **lol** For me it was my Hot Wheels, LEGOS (seems like everyone had these!), Transformers, and Star Wars. I did have an Atari 5200 Super System. Was the only unit from Atari at the time that could actually play a near arcade quality version of Pac-Man. **l**
  10. Picked up Season 1 of Jericho, now it's catch up time.
  11. We never go more than 6 in a room. Any more and that's just asking for trouble and people's butts where you don't want them. **l**
  12. I got our group a room at the Days Inn from the list I was on and yeah it's at the $229 rate since the Otakon block is taken up. We're keeping tabs on cancellations at the Holiday Inn since those went fast and when they quoted me the rate for the weekend not in the Otakon block I just about crapped my pants. Well over $300 a NIGHT!!! Good thing I got Days Inn to send me my confirmation stuff by e-mail (lady forgot to the first time) so I have that ready to go when needed. But from what I'm hearing I'm going to keep checking week to week and see if I can get the con rate
  13. If you all had your panel registration forms filled out correctly you should be seeing your reimbursements here soon. It took almost a month after the con for me to get mine, but that was expected and the same thing from last year. Just send out a message asking about the status if it's gets any later.
  14. I'm off of work until Wed because of the con and some other stuff. Good thing too, I was out for almost 12 hours last night. All the walking around and stuff this weekend caught up to me. **l**
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