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  1. That's a good question. I'll see if I can get an answer for you!
  2. We received the first batch of tracking numbers back from the firm today; our volunteer web team staff plan to import the data to our site this evening after they are home from their real life jobs. I'm not sure how technical specs of modern computers are relevant; there are some things that just take time. We appreciate everyone's patience, in the meantime. Glad to hear they are starting to show up in people's mailboxes.
  3. We either deal with lost badges in mail with shipping close to con, or deal with lost badges in mail plus more people losing/misplacing badges at home if we mailed earlier before con, which as stated would also give counterfeiters more time to replicate fakes. There's always going to be some case-by-case stuff we need to deal with, and we'll handle it accordingly.
  4. Heh, well the plan is for the data to be in a format that we can more easily import it into our database. Hopefully that goes as planned and no one has to manually update each profile. Can I ask - what part of the member area of the website are the tracking numbers going to be posted? As I don't have a standard member login, I'm not entirely certain, but I believe it is supposed to eventually be shown on your account/profile info page. I'll try to get specific directions included with our update when we start importing them.
  5. Heh, well the plan is for the data to be in a format that we can more easily import it into our database. Hopefully that goes as planned and no one has to manually update each profile.
  6. We expect to have them very soon; once we have them and begin updating people's member info, we can provide more of an update.
  7. Just an honest inquiry here (not trying to hastle) - I am confused how some badges can be on their way and not have tracking information? Don't packages through USPS get their tacking number as soon as they are sent? To clarify, we are waiting to get a copy of the tracking information from our vendor, in a file that links membership IDs with corresponding tracking #s. So yes, USPS does provide you with a tracking number the moment you send it, but what we are waiting for is a more extensive breakdown so that we can update all of your member info with the right tracking numbers.
  8. The Rakugo performance was hilarious. I made all my friends go and they weren't disappointed. I hope we can get similar cultural content in years to come. :]
  9. Hearing how my new Staff recruits, all friends from Xbox Live scattered across the country, were loved by their supervisors (Brian, Philip and Stephen @ Masquerade). This was their first anime convention, period, and they all had a blast.
  10. Just wanted to say that even though I was at the Sheraton Inner Harbor, the Days Inn's general manager was the most polite, nice, relaxed manager of anything I've ever met. I helped some of my staff friends check in there, and he was the guy at the desk who helped us. We didn't know he was the manager til later, but he made sure to describe every amenity the hotel had to offer, all with a genuine smile. He made us feel like royalty, even in 2-days-worn staff attire. Great guy.
  11. Southwest Airlines $59 each way direct from Detroit to BWI. Catch their special Ding! fares when they come (rare but it happens) and the price can be as low as $25 each way.
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