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  1. Sorry I "necro'd" an old top. If there had been more than a single topic in the Q and A section from december that had a single reply, I may have read and replied to something more recent... but there wasn't. I hope i didn't impede the abundance of responders by diverting them to a topic from November.

  2. Panels are discussions given or led by an expert fan or by someone who works in the industry. Topics vary widely - Otakon tries to select fan panelists presenting about Japanese and east Asian culture and similar topics, but a panel can be about any topic. You'll also see panels led by Otakon's guests. Industry representatives - people who work for companies like Bandai, Funimation, and Gaia Online, among others - also usually have a panel or two at Otakon to discuss what's coming up for their company, new releases, premieres, and other interesting stuff. The masquerade is the con's Ma
  3. I wonder if the concert will have a huge effect on the Thursday line? Like, everyone goes to the concert instead of waiting, so there's no one in line. hmm... I doubt it. We processed just shy of 9000 (yes, nine thousand, it's not a typo) registrations last year on Thursday night; and as someone else mentioned, the concert venue seats 1000. On top of that, even if all 1000 people went to the concert instead of doing Thursday night reg, there are still potentially 14000 other people who could choose to pre-register and then pick up their stuff that night. Otakon has a lot of people
  4. Topic, please (convenience stores near the BCC). If you'd like to keep talking about beer/bars in Baltimore, please take it to PMs or to another thread. Thanks!
  5. Back to topic, please, guys - which is budgeting for Otakon 2009. If you'd like to keep discussing travel to and from Japan, please take it to another thread (I think there's already one or two around), or to PMs. Thanks
  6. Oh, sweet! GW is my favorite MMO, the art is so much prettier than WoW's. If I see you, I'll definitely be snapping a pic.
  7. It's a RiteAid, located on Howard Street right near Lexington Market/the Arena.
  8. Just to clarify, if you take 95 to 395, you won't have to exit onto Howard Street. 395 becomes Howard Street once you pass the exit for Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd - the BCC is the intersection of Howard and Pratt.
  9. Not true. From the FAQ, posted on the Otakon website: A shirt that says the same thing that your sign would have said is still, essentially, the sign. Best bet: don't ask for or offer free hugs, period, even if you're only standing in the Thursday pre-reg line.
  10. I get the feeling that BPD would kick them out for loitering if they showed up that early.
  11. We showed Machine Girl last year. I remember, because I was on the other side of the wall from the speakers. It is a loud movie. n___n
  12. The best way to be prepared is to read through the Tips and Hints thread in the General Forum, the Newbies thread here, and the other threads about things you want to see or do. You should also keep an eye out on the Otakon website, because that's where we'll announce guests, deadlines for registration(s), contests, etc. Chances are, any questions you might want to ask have been asked before, so look around before you ask.
  13. Yes. Not an experience I enjoyed.
  14. Here's a link to a Google Maps search for 'convenience stores' near the BCC. Note that location A (the BCC Public Safety Office) is not actually a convenience store. Location B (the 7-11 near the Arena) is probably your best bet.
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