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  1. Many years ago I planned on making a Fawful cosplay from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for Otakon but couldn't quite make it work. I'm a bit more skilled now and think I can pull it off this year with a few adjustments. Just wondering if anyone would recognize the character?
  2. Nah, I don't have the money to go and still be able to pay for Otakon. I'm just gonna save as much as I can for random dealer's room shopping at Otakon. I live in Laurel, DE which is an painfully boring place, but by some twist in fate has a library with decent sized manga section.
  3. So yeah Otakon 2009 is slowly coming and everyone is dying with anticipation. I was wondering if there were any people who actually lives somewhat near me to talk to and maybe hang out a little at the con? I mean I already have me and my friends but what's Otakon if I can't make a few new friends along the way?
  4. You guys are all awesome. I will... no i must find and take pictures of you. I was gonna cosplay as Hibari on Sunday but I ran out of money needed to complete it.
  5. I'm a guy but I'm interested in the offer if you don't get the 2 girls you want. I'll PM you my info.
  6. Thanks I'll try to put something like that together. Hopefully I can find a shirt/pants combo that fits the image in my head.
  7. I had planned on not cosplaying this year since my Shisho cosplay isn't con-worthy yet, but this Naruto prom sounds interesting. I might go as Shino if I can. Any ideas on something he might wear?
  8. Due to friends not being able to go this year, and me having to pay more to go, my Shishio cosplay will not be complete for this year's Otakon. I'll have to save it for next year I guess. At least it gives me time to improve it.
  9. All my friends had to drop out this year so I'm going by myself. This will be the first time I go to Otakon alone so I'm a little nervous. I'm gonna try my best to make a bunch of friends there though. I think it's always better when you have people to laugh and have fun with.
  10. I plan on going as Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin. I just hope my idea in it's design that i'm gonna try works so that i don't have to wrap and re-wrap the bandanges whenever i need to take it off.
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