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  1. Many years ago I planned on making a Fawful cosplay from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for Otakon but couldn't quite make it work. I'm a bit more skilled now and think I can pull it off this year with a few adjustments. Just wondering if anyone would recognize the character?

  2. So yeah Otakon 2009 is slowly coming and everyone is dying with anticipation. I was wondering if there were any people who actually lives somewhat near me to talk to and maybe hang out a little at the con? I mean I already have me and my friends but what's Otakon if I can't make a few new friends along the way?

  3. I had planned on not cosplaying this year since my Shisho cosplay isn't con-worthy yet, but this Naruto prom sounds interesting. I might go as Shino if I can. Any ideas on something he might wear?

  4. All my friends had to drop out this year so I'm going by myself. This will be the first time I go to Otakon alone so I'm a little nervous. I'm gonna try my best to make a bunch of friends there though. I think it's always better when you have people to laugh and have fun with.

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