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  1. bigstevegearhart

    Just My Two Cents.....

    While I wasn't at Otakon this year, I monitored events as they happened on the boards, Guidebook (to a limited extent) and various other places. So, I did a two-part review of sorts called Otakon 2018: Looking from the Outside In. I based my opinions and thoughts on what I did observe. The first part is a simple list where I put in what seemed to be the most common complaints. The second part talks about possible solutions. Now, because I wasn't there...I may have gotten some bad info, or had gotten some things wrong. If so, I apologize in advance. In any event. Otakon has a survey about 2018, which I encourage you all to take. And when you do, don't just talk about the bad stuff, let them know what went right for you! This is information they need to help them get things right in 2019! So, if you have a moment. Click this link to take the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Ota18Feedback In the meantime, if you would like to see my two cents, here you go!
  2. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

  3. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

  4. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    All about the DC Metro...be warned, some of the information about the strike may be old, if so just skip to the next part, thanks for watching! DC Metro site - https://www.wmata.com/ Smarttrip Card - https://www.wmata.com/fares/smartrip/
  5. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    Msprintz, you are right about the upcharge fee, but my point is that a lot people believe that any VRE ot MARC ticket is automatically an Amtrak ticket, which it is not. And as I said before, check the links for baggage details..however, conductors for the local lines (not Amtrak) can, and have had to deny boarding during peak/rush times. People should look at the link you provided as well as the ones I provided on my YouTube channel to get more details on these issues. Which is better than listening to them from my father-in-law who was a conductor for both Amtrak and MARC...dude can goon for a looong time....
  6. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    Trains and cosplay tips!!!! Next week I will talk about Metro and what to do if a strike happens during Otakon...in the meantime, here's the new video!
  7. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    Here's the next video on the list: getting there from the airports and why driving is not the best idea, but if you HAVE to....
  8. bigstevegearhart

    The Annual "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos

    These are videos I do every year to help supplement information of where to go for good/cheap eats and various information and con tips. Keep checking back for links to see the latest video. This year, starting off with "How to Keep Safe". Hope these videos help! Part One: Part Two: Pre-Otakon Tip Video -
  9. So, every year I do these "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos that talk about where to find food, stores, ATM's and general information of the area. Those videos are coming up in July, but in the meantime, I made this Pre-Otakon Tip video for those of you who may not have a place to stay yet (you know who you are)... https://youtu.be/q11mnDKwgiE