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  1. While I'm glad that Otakon is doing an online event, I still miss doing the "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos I usually do around this time. So, I decided to put together some memories of the past at Otakon, notably between 2013 and 2017. Part One is all about the Pre-Reg lines and Matsuri festivals. A nice look into the past. Next week will be part two, full of the con itself. Please click the link and enjoy!

    Otakon: Do You Remember the Sweat? Part One:



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  2. Looking forward to getting there this year!  Hoping to see Hiro's Lounge again! If it is, I have a drink for them to make at the bar (for you over 21 otaku)!  And, as always, as we get closer I'll be posting my annual where to eat videos!!!


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  3. So, this is the third and last video of Where to Eat for Otakon 2019 and it has a few tips and places to get food! Thank you for watching these videos, I hope they helped you out! Please come back to the channel for a review of Otakon and more of my videos!  See you at Otakon!!!!!!

    Part Two, Staying Safe -


    Part One, Transportation -


    A Part of Otakon History & Culture...sort of... -



  4. Hello all, this is where I post my annual series of "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos and shamelessly plug myself! For those who haven't seen them, I just talk about things like transportation, safety in the city and con and of course...where the food is. I try to update from year to year. So, if you would like, please watch and I hope they help you all out!

    Where to Eat for Otakon, Part One:



  5. For the most part, Baltimore enjoys the presence of Otakon. Almost everyone knows about the one time during the summer where people dress up in costumes during the hottest time of the year, even if they don't know that it is specifically Otakon.

    For years, I wasn't able to go due to my job at the time (used to work in theatre and opera for a long time) because of the schedule I had to keep. In case you haven't noticed, but part of the reason for the heavy trraffic in the past was largely due to people like me slowling down to get a better look. I think that for the average Baltimorean, it is a bemused wonderment for those three days out of the year.

    Behind the scenes (as in city government, service industries, non-profits, tourism and such), Baltimore knows eactly what Otakon is and prepares for it every year. Otakon creates a statistical blip financially. While not as high as ArtScape, the numbers that Otakon generates is impressive. it is one the most successful, re-occuring conventions that come here.

    While I was sadden to read about the mugging in this thread, and a couple of posts that were negative about crime in Baltimore, I feel that I should mention a few things. First, to all of those who mention how safe you actually are, it's true. Statistically speaking, the average city-dweller has a very small chance of being killed or being a victim of a crime. Second, it's even lower since most of you are out-of-towners and move around in one of the traditionally safest parts of the city, the odds are even lower for you becoming a victim. Third, the city increases patrols and the amount of officers in and around the Inner Harbor and the convention center; Otakon essentially has its own body guard unit!

    The traffic pattern, just to warn you, to the west of the center will change somewhat. It looks like there may also be a new skywalk connecting the west side of the center to the parking garage/hotel/business complex being built directly across the street (Howard Street). Not sure if it will be open in time. I believe the hotel will be a Hilton. The O's play the Rangers at Camden - given our past-horrific season, and that it is the Rangers, not the the Yankees, the game shouldn't cause too many problems.

    Yes, Baltimore likes Otakon!

  6. Grave of the Fireflies - I know a few have mentioned this already, but it is an amazing movie, but you can't be a human being if you don't get a lump in your throat. But a must see if you haven't already.

    Fullmetal Alchemist- Huges funeral, need I say more?

    Trigun - Wolfwood's death.

    Mobile Suit Gundam 0080, War in the Pocket - When very young Al realizes the cost of war and starts crying hysterically in front of his classmates.

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