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    Anime. Manga. 2-D Fighters. Collecting figures of scantily-clad anime, manga, and 2-D fighter ladies.<br /><br />Woot.<br /><br />I currently live in Tokyo, by the way. I have regular access to the wondrous world that is Akihabara. Drop me a line if you need info on stores, new anime and/or manga, figures, games... anything, really.

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  1. I live there. ... ... ... So... yeah. ^^ If any of you lot need some help, let me know. Particularly if you're looking to check out Akihabara. My buddy runs the Akihabara Channel, and we'd be happy to showcase the good spots. Can also recommend other good spots to visit, places to eat, et cetera. I'd not mind meeting up with some folks at the airport and running them out to Akihabara/Harajuku/Shinjuku/Shibuya/whatever. Trips outside of Tokyo would still be doable, but tougher. And more expensive.
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