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  1. I have an idea, you might not like it and I’m sure a lot of us won’t like it either but I believe it’ll help the longevity of our beloved convention. Cancel Otakon 2021. Yeah I know, I read the email but hear me out. I know you’re asking for donations and that’s wonderful, I’m going to donate as much as I possibly can to help. And I don’t know how long you can keep those donations considering you’re a non-profit, but if there is a way you can keep them til November/Decemberish and find a smaller venue to secure for 2022 I say do it. Go back to Baltimore? Go back to Stat
  2. This is troubling, but here’s what I think should happen. it’s time, for now, to scale back. Get a smaller venue for the next few years until we can start to rebuild back up. Get donations for 2021(or 2022) and build off of that. I would rather see some form of Otakon rather than no Otakon at all.
  3. I declined the mail option, i'll do it the old fashioned way via the pre-reg like. It's the first year for badge mailing and I didn't feel like being a guinea pig.
  4. Me Best Friend #1 Best Friend #1's GF Best Friend #2 Best Friend #2's GF Best Friend #3 Friend #1 Friend #2 Friend #3 Friend #4 Friend #4's Friend 1 Friend #4's Friend 2 Friend #5 Girl I play WoW with lol, thats alot
  5. Burst Angel Complete Set Kitty Grade Complete Set Code Geass Part 1 Kite and Mezzo Forte Shingu Complete Set Volumes 3 and 4 of Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Otakon 2008 T-shirt For the Horde T-shirt 3-Piece Sake set.
  6. Working Playing WoW Sleeping to pass the time haha Thinking of what foods I will need to bring Buying mass amounts of hi-chews Drooling at the Edo Sushi Menu.
  7. I can usually take people using internet slang with a grain of salt, but in saying that, there are 2 words that KILL me when I see them. wat - what prolly - probably seriously, does it hurt to put in the "bab"
  8. Getting slightly off topic. In 2006 a kid came up to me late friday night, looked like he was on something. He asked me if I knew of any good parties going on. Being in the silly con-goer mood I was in, I told him "Sure! goto the Sheraton, 3rd floor, Room 328, knock 3 times, ask for Steve, tell em Ron sent you." Then I proceeded to watch him walk over and go into the hotel lol.
  9. Yeap. My cousin and his crew got together with me and my crew last year and we had a Soul Caliber tournament. This year I might bring Rock Band along, if we can cram everything into the car. I dunno, it seems silly, but we always seem to find time for games back at the hotel. Still, don't want to be making a lot of noise, especially late at night. Anyway, I'm a geek, so when I hear party, I think Mt. Dew and Dungeons and Dragons, not alcohol and streaking. So I think my kind of party is a little more hotel friendly.
  10. Pre-Reg: $55 Hotel: $84 (2 Suites at the Amerisuites split 10 ways) Gas: $40 (Only driving from Delaware) Food: $10-15 a day Dealers Room and Artist Alley: $500
  11. For the past 5 years,my friends and I have stayed at the AmeriSuites, for this year, we made 2 reservations, one for the AmeriSuites and one for the Ramada at Inner Harbor. We decided that since we have 10 people going this year. Getting 2 suites at a cheaper rate and just riding the light rail in to Baltimore was alot more cost effective and roomy than getting 3-4 rooms at the Ramada. Also, the service at the AmeriSuites is amazing, I know the light rail doesn't start till 10 or 11am on Sundays, so usually the shuttle driver will drop us off right at the convention center.
  12. I'll be rolling with 11 of my closest friends. On top of that we'll be meeting some friends down there too. We'll be a large group in 2008. We're raiding Inner Harbor (WoW Reference) I wonder if the Ota Staff drops any good loot?
  13. With just a little over 5 weeks until my favorite time of the year hits, i'm struck with a problem. I put in my vacation time for Otakon in May, it's now almost July and no word from my Supervisor. It's being speculated that i'm not going to get it because she does this to everyone else. Now, I dont really have the greatest job in the world, but it pays the bills. I might just call out for Thursday and Friday, or just find a new job (I don't like this one anyway) Any other stories of your job keeping you or making it hard for you to go to Otakon?
  14. I remember one year, I think it was 2005 or 2006 where the Orioles were playing, the Ravens were playing the Eagles in pre-season and the COn was happening all on the same block.
  15. It's ashame that ADV will only have a small presence there this year, they were one of my favorite booths in the DR, but I also look on the plus side of this that Funimation and Bandai are still going to make a big presence. What about Anime Works?
  16. I'm kinda hoping to see BuyRite, but from what I heard, Otakon didn't let them come back because their business seemed "shady".
  17. For the last 5 years, we would always arrive in Baltimore around 3pm and check into our hotel rooms, after that, we would all pile into the SUV and drive to the convention center (we stayed in Lithicum the last couple years) we would wait in like, do a little hacking, listen to our ipod and just talk about how awesome this years con is going to be. After that we drive back to our hotel and relax for a little bit, and then we go to dinner that night and catch a movie afterwards.
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