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    Cosplay! Anime, Manga, Cosplay, nyaa~, MTG, DDR, PIU , furries, music, Otakon XD

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  1. OtakonOtaku

    Where is Parking?

    Thought out the Bus thing before... it's almost a 10 HR trip. because for some reason they go to flipping NYC first ?? where I have to transfer??? ( I hadn't looked it up in a while so I did it just now XD there is no direct bus to DC?? train is not much better) ... I only live in Delaware. by car about... 3 hrs max ( I remember back in the day my first few time driving to Baltimore parking right at the hotel and it was 20$ ... so I will look into everything you might toss at me information wise)
  2. OtakonOtaku

    Where is Parking?

    Thanks so much. I see that spot hero isn't doing a discount for Thursday? do you have to add each day individually for the Otakon rates? Metro isn't really an option I don't think...
  3. OtakonOtaku

    Where is Parking?

    Is it just me or does parking suck in DC!? I'm looking for parking that is not going to cost me the same as another day in the hotel! Am I missing something? I was trying to look on parking panda. But valet parking is everywhere and costs way too much. (Actually it seems some hotels don't have parking at all. ) I would really be thankful for some help locating parking that is in walking distance. ( DC frustrates me..... It's makes going to Otakon more stressful than before)
  4. would you find it rude of me to ask how old you are ?

  5. Wah! You're from Delaware, too? :'D It's nice to meet a fellow Delawarean... I swear it's hard to find anime fans from there that didn't go to my high school, ahahah ;;;

  6. OtakonOtaku

    :O Otakon group finder

    Name: Vanessa Age: 29 by time of Otakon .............. (You are never too old darn it!) I don't look it or dress it or act it so can I say 21?? Cosplaying As: Miku Hatsune, Tabuuune/ Audino gijinka, Interests: Cosplay (of course), Drawing, Pokemon, Vocaloid Hobbies: Sewing, Drawing, DDR, Pokemon, Music, Attempting to sing in Japanese Anything extra: This will be my 9th Otakon, I need people who will come drag me out of my hotel room to go to the rave (I'll be in the Holiday Inn) I'm also hoping to find people to hang out with early Thursday. But, I'm really shy and kinda quiet . I like going to the dealers room, Artists Ally, and Rave with other people Contacts: You can always PM me here!