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  1. OMG yes. But mine are dreams where soemthing is lost and I'm looking for it and then I run out of time before finding it ;_; i haven't had dreams about otakon (I think it's better that way) actuly I don't seem to Dream at all durring the nights while I am at Otakon. I prefer not to dream about conventions. Daydream - ok X3;
  2. The Mask is only cool if you can pull it off without being an annoyance to others >_< and Yes Lloyd is pretty cool looking :3 Even enough were I want to make it an wear it. (Maybe because the silver hair remindds me off Dante from DMC)
  3. don't worry I plan on bing a skitty but I don't think people will recognize the whole outfit. the hat will give it away XD If I see you I'll so get a picture
  4. depending what day and time is is... My friends and I are doing gijinka, I'm a Skitty and they are mudkips X3
  5. hey a fast reply boy where have I been <3's it anyway *gets to topic* I don't really like the idea of a move for the rave. someone mentioned it killing the energy I agree with that like at AUSAs rave and Katsus sometimes there was a lot of open space it seemed odd. however in light of the Otakon side-room a move might be good >_<; it needed a room extention. so I guess it's worth a try. I don't like having to go somewhere other than the convention center. just like how the concert was moved from the con center - yeah i haven't been to a concert since TMR >_&
  6. personaly I 1 don't like waring the same thing for 3 days ._. 2 I LOVE making cosplays and outfits in general <- thats probly the main reason 3 go a bit over board and make 7 >_< also my rave outfits are sometimes cosplays as well so yeah. I have about 7 cosplays I also change outfits in the middle of the day. plus it's nice to ahve backups should something happen to one or they turn out to be uncomfortable for hours on end. i have kaito, akaito, miku, Skitty, Dizzy and Lonly bunny <-( thats not really done yet) and i'll ware them all durring the weekind. that d
  7. now I can make a post here! I'l be bringing Kaito and Akaito ... if I find a correct wig Mikuo too (do I really need more vocaloid cosplays??? ) I m,ay be waring miku w/o wig to the rave i don't know
  8. how do you edit this thing O_. it no surprise that my line up has changed dramaticly. I'll be doing Vocaloids: Kaito and Akaito Guilty GearX2: Dizzy white/orang ver. Pokemon gijinka (cool you too! <3 ) Skitty and Chobits: Lonely bunny
  9. unfortunetly My special ability to Cosplay obscure charaters ... either they are popular charaters but in outfits that are alt. colors (like Felicia (marvel vs capcom2 )I did an orange version) and Dizzy (guilty gear 2) I did the all white version or outfits you don't see but for a few mins like watanuki as Alice (XXX Holic) or little known or seen charaters Aporos/ Tira (Sorcerer Hunters ) seen only for 10 seconds total in the series. and Meek Panyo Panyo Digi Charat go figure . unfortunetly again I'm good at picking them but not noticing them >_<;
  10. damn, thats alot of time and money. good luck with that. the halibel cosplay is a good idea.... i've thought about that myself
  11. Place I stayed: Days Inn Number of people in room: 5 Hotel Staff: Friendly , i think they are used to us XD Walk to the con center: 1-2 mins it's right across the street GOOD:: It was a good stay the beds are comfortable the pillows are nice but the floor is hard as a rock XD but really helped my back when I passed out on it (the floor I mean) it wasn't an issue to ask for extra shampoo and stuff or trash bags to clean the room BAD:: um whats with the shower??? ours was a handy caped shower ... I thnk it may have been??? there was no tub and so the floor was the shower f
  12. I have only been catching parts of it ... thats funny it's good too that anime music is even at the olympics I looked it up it was used in Porco Rosso (which I haven't seen) I only saw part of the mens synchronized diving ... decided it was too fast XD; I want to watch some Judo when it comes up
  13. and you know what now that you mention that, I go to the raves and I was in the front of the speekers for a while sat night too... I think it's because it is loud and Danceing means your mind is distracted from how loud it really is . it might be because it is live, and I wasn't prepared to have my ears assulted that time of day . I wish I rememerd what time of day it was and what day as well. it could have been just a few of the bands Geist..... I think that I have heard them before? at another con.. AUSA?? if thats the same bad they are always loud X3
  14. What about if we got into a partnership with a non-profit group like the boy scouts to come and collect them?
  15. I second this request. I mean, you have to walk across the street opposed to the Hilton, but for ~80 less a night, is there any maaajor reason other than name?
  16. I think it was a great Idea ! I passed by a few times but I never went in ... and why was that? my only complaint is that it was too darn loud! my ears hurt by just passing it ;_; key down the volume please
  17. They place the hold on funds when you check in, however.
  18. Early is good right? Sunday afternoon I decided on a few of my outfits for next year and for my friend (I'll be making his too) Soul Caliber (version unknown) Amy and/or Talim for me Kilik for him Guilty Gear from and Dizzy for me Anji for him so has anyone else dicided on the cosplays they will wear in 2009?
  19. I agree XD I have already picked coaplays for me AND my friend (I'll be making his too) Amy and/or Talim for me and Kilik for him from Soul Caliber and dizzy for me and Anji for him from Guilty gear. I see that you have pokemon on your list... I'm intrested in that. I've always wanted to do a pokemon cosplay but I could never get it done or even decide on one. I really want to do Suicune but i think I want to do an anthro/human version. I'm a bit intrested in Lovless too... but I wouldn't know who to pick anyay XD
  20. I was thinking the same thing while I was cleaning the hotel room of 80,000 plastic water bottles I think that having stations by the entrance doors would be nice... some place that everyone passes by and can't miss. I was about to ask 'people are just dropping things on the ground???' but that would have been a silly queastion and yes I would be willing to walk to one. We should go green in 2009!
  21. I actuly found what I was looking for but I was not impresed by the prices of manga - either they didn't have what I wantd or it cost too much and i can get it at home for cheaper. but I did find my bento (and ended up getting 2) I went once and after going back it turned out they had diffrent ones that were cuter ! waiting is important soemtimes it gets you WIN! I also found phone charms and a lucky cat! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v316/sol...08/ota-swag.jpg
  22. wow this thread makes me want to cry XD . I'm glad to see that there are so many helpful people at Otakon makes me wish i had seen something too but It gives me many more good things to tell others about the con attendees for first time con-goers
  23. I was a bit worried about that too... I din't actuy see it but I heard about it. i think it's intresting but i'm not really impressed or excited about it... it worries me for the sake of the con and how it will reflet on us more I really hope that Otakon isn't going to get in trouble for something like that ... or have to pay for it to come down
  24. @cxt217 - yes I ment I wish - I was going fot can't but I was really tired typing and .t got lost >_< anyway no one at our hotel seemed to be handing things out ... I'm not sure how I feel about this system ... it's nice but what about peoplr who don't have CC??? and isn't there soemthing that can be done about thoe who are getting rooms in bulk?? that not fair to the rest of us who only need one room
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