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  1. Did you take a picture of soemone who you think desives to me mentioned for an intrestinf outfit or cosplay?? not just one that is a great cosplay but one that was done in an intresting way no else seemed to have though of A lot of people had amazing outfits that looked just like the charater but I want to give dew cradit to the lesser mentioned outfits that were just as great Gloomy Bear!!!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v316/sol...08/PICT0032.jpg this was funny :3 if this is you or you know this person please contact me I'm intreted in joining your group
  2. wow, that is ridiculous. can an admin chime on this please?
  3. you will pay for a hotell when you check in the first day (pay for parking on the day you leave) I asked the same question about age... but it seems to be diffrent for other hotells... and I was told that some hotels are 18 to reserve... you might want to ask the hotel about the age
  4. Yes we are kinda set on the Days inn ok I wasn't sure but not beings confirmed with Otakno sounds like a plyable reason (Im' still so tired that I can't type correctly )... but can soemone tell me about canccleing? can you cancle a reservation with out an issus using this new system. I'm supposeing it says soemthing about that when you try to book right ? just incause I am asked to try another hotel
  5. Why can't I get Days Inn??? I called them and they told me I had to use that web site.. but the days inn is not on it... how do I get it? you have to list the people staying wiht you ?
  6. I took more pictures than I ever did this year and it's more really that much but here they are ! i'm hopping soemone got a good pic of me in my cosplay on Friday plzplzplz cause I don't have any ;_; All weekend http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v316/solstis/Otakon%2008/
  7. I will be forever at 98% because of a lack of a wig ;_; but Miku Hatsune 90% I just have to do something about the 'hair' ... Akito about 90% too no one will recognise it like this but I don't want to pass out because I'm wearing too many clothes in such hot weather na no da random EGL type thigns well they are random and could always use more frills XD;
  8. I spend like 300 in Dealers room and AA I've actuly been buying more in AA because I can come back home to Delaware and buy DVDs for cheaper than I find in the dealers room ._. the rooms 250 gas will be like 30 but thats fome DE I don't really like asking for $$ form the people I take >_<; food... um I try not to guess I always go to Edo atleast once. I find food oter ways after that. um Cosplay breaks the bank so I won't count that XD I don't really have a budget. I pay what needs to be paid. but I plan day expencis like swag and food to about 400$ i don't want
  9. I hate carring cash too... but I do for Otakon to keep from spening everything I have... cards make that way too easy . just don't put it anyplace strange so you lose it. in fact I got one of the Otakon batge holders with the pocket and that made thigns much easier.
  10. I wish I could have gotten a wig... I improvised and rather frustraited at it right now ._. I'll probly see you at hall cosplay. I pre-reged so I should be up there pretty early I'll keep an eye out for you :3 ((side comment: I hate posting with this thing... it's not as easy as it was before ;_; ))
  11. I wonder if mine will be concitered EGL at first glance it has pants but will have the head peice and as much lace as I can locate in the next 7 days i'd be intrested in hangin out and/or taking some pics
  12. thats the opposit of me when I first started my mother wanted me to do it myself but I wouldn't, some of them were hand made too but I don't have the time to hand sew or rather the apcients. but now that we got a new sewing machine I have sewn my own for ... 4 years? perhaps 5 I still have a lot of learning to do ...i'm still winging it ;_;
  13. I didn't know until a few months ago either! XD I saw a thread on cosplay.com saying they were having a photocshoot sunday by the fountains at around 11 sunday shoots are hard for me I don't really even bother to get dressed un in something like miku it's involved and I have to drive back home (and go to the dealersroom and AA XD; ) it'd be nice to do one friday or even sat
  14. I hope that I won't be here by myself >_<
  15. This year I managed to pick a really popular cosplay (which is strange for me) Miku Hatsune from the singin program called Vocaloids. I'm looking for others who are also cosplaying as any of the vocaloid chacters and perhaps we could get a photo shoot together! I'm particularly looking for a Kaito ... but thats another story all together.
  16. I'll be going as Miku Hatsune (vocaloid 2) and Akito/Agito (air gear) in 2 forms perhaps I'm expecting it to be hot so i might make a shots and sleevesless version too XD
  17. well I feel silly, I couldn't renew because it was under another email address but... I don't remember changing it >_< anyway problem solved, reg. paid. now I can worry on other things. I'm glad I asked here about the times and got such a quick answer O_.
  18. I have sent an email about my particular case to you.... why did it change to so early?? I'm just asking out of curiosity now. but my other problem is getting my pre-reg for the con just so I can enter the contest. there is no way of knowing how long that will take to get it figured out since I havent gotten a reply yet ( granted it has just barly been 12 hours that isn't nearly long enough time anyway >_<
  19. And so at 3 AM I have questions I have no intent on missing this years hall cosplay. Last year I missed due to technical difficulties but in reading this year information i see this
  20. ._. this is confusing T___T I guess if we don't get e-mails between now and when we leave for the Con ( and i leave tomorow morning) the only thing we can do is show up and ask the people in charge if we are on the list. man this'll mess everything up for me 'cause I didn't want to have to wear my outfit while I gofered [edit] aug 3 1236 am - well I didn't get an email so I guess i'm on the worse-case senario. perhaps at orientation someone will know. otherwise i'll ask there at 330 friday ._.
  21. i've always gotten in >_< but after tomorow I can't check me email so ... but it depends on the error if they can't see who was lost then they can't email them to make up fot it.
  22. don't you get an email if you don't get in? if I don't make it I'm not going to try to get in again... though it'll be odd cause I've entered the contest for 3 years straight O_.
  23. thats the logic part but it doesn't always work like that. in 2004 the friday Hall cosplay contest was conducted in "Masquerade Suite (VIP west)." i'm taking that direct of my tag from that year and thats why I'm asking where it's suposed to be since just reading and judging from that will not be reliable when rules say 2 difrent things.
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