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  1. I wouldn't say that most people "have" to take off for it. This is a country where plenty of people (unfortunately) work on holidays regularly, and plenty are unable to take holidays, especially people who are relatively junior at their companies. It really depends on the industry. Business is slower in the summer, but in general, it runs fairly normally, unlike Golden Week. My company discourages us from all taking vacation at the same time, especially in summer, and I didn't take a summer holiday last year. My secretary asked my company's travel agent regarding extra charges for
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    Tohoshinki's just not popular enough in the market segment that Johnnys controls. At the current time, they're the 800-pound gorilla in the teen / young-adult market. Tohoshinki's only really hot in the baasan crowd, but they like anything that's under 30 and easy to look at. I mean, seriously. Japanese nationalism runs deep. The greater part of the populace are not particularly fond of Koreans. It's just not going to happen that a show is going to put Tohoshinki up against a Johnnys act, because even while JE's ratings are flagging, they're better than most everything else in the neighb
  3. I've seen Casshern. To be honest, it was a really really pretty movie. PRETTY BORING I wanted to like it, I did. I wanted to give that director a chance. But.... I can't forgive a movie that doesn't entertain and relies on graphical prowess to try and carry itself.
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