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  1. oops.. posted the wrong link for the presentation materials.. should be this one: http://www.gamerabaenre.com/?p=174
  2. Here are some links. The following is my tutorials link: http://www.gamerabaenre.com/toolsandtechs.htm There are links to various tutorials with videos of the various steps. I'm constantly updating this which kits I build so if there is a technique you don't see here but would like as a video/tutorial, let me know; I'll try my best. This is a blog post from my site: http://www.gamerabaenre.com/?p=141 From there folks can get the entire presentation materials that I had on cds.
  3. So this was the first year I did a panel at Otakon. With the limited time slot, I had to cut a good amount of my presentation materials down to squeeze into the allotted time. I know I rushed through a good amount of topics and there are certain techniques that I glossed through, so I'm looking for some feedback from folks that had attended to see if there was anything I can do to improve it. I hope to split the panel into two: Gundam Building and Resin Figure Building, and then I can then spend a little more time on the Resin Figures that I know I just bulldozed through. From year
  4. I couldn't find any information regarding the Model Contest, so I'm wondering if it is no longer part of the convention.
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