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  1. Dittos on the Sheraton Inner Harbor...I just spoke with someone in group sales (reservations directed me there) and she initially said that the contract hadn't been signed, then said that it was signed but not loaded into the system, and to try calling back next week.
  2. Just called the Hyatt and they said that all bookings had to go through you, Sam *grin*. Now, I'm pretty sure she was looking at the Otakon staff block and not the member block (if there is one this year, which the guy I spoke to earlier suggested was the case), but after a few minutes I gave up. After having been burned last year losing the con rate before the announcement was ever made on the site, I'm twitchy on potentially missing it again this year. Should I be able to book Hyatt now? The guy I spoke to earlier said that the contract hadn't been finalized, which I thought may ha
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