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  1. "The Anisong World Matsuri is a seperate (sic) ticketed event, organized by our industry partners." So, I'm guessing there may be an additional costing beyond the registration for the normal 3-day (Fri/Sat/Sun) event. I guess we really were spoiled in Baltimore... :-/
  2. Well, if she's up to venturing to DC for next year's Otakon, I'd love to see Helen McCarthy come as a know, for obvious reasons...
  3. Ha! I did it! I finally updated my signature!

  4. No, but there is a Twilight manga...and surprise, it sucks! I mean, really, who uses Times New Roman for speech bubbles?!?!
  5. You know, I'm actually kinda tempted to take on this sort of challenge...dunno why...
  6. Question on the sofas...are they comfy sofas?