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  1. Okay, I'll look back through the e-mails! =3=;; Thankyou!
  2. Apon finding the time that the Masquerade was going on, we changed over the days for our stay, the hotel and everything- but sicne we can't stay all three days we'll be missing friday. And we won't be getting there untill 11am Sat which won't leave us a very good chance of getting into the avalible spots from the over-flow. Theres one person in our group who'll be there Friday though, if she had all our waivers and check-in stuff, could she check in for us without us all present? *crosses fingers* >.<;;
  3. Hehe, it is for someone planning to drive back! I've never been to Ota before so I didn't know how late you ususaly do it~ But it can't be helped ;; We'll find a way. Hopefuly... o_o;;
  4. Oh gosh thats crazy late @w@;; I'll have to look into seeing if we can get the hotel another night. Thanks for the timely reply <3
  5. At the risk of asking something thats probobly in plain sight somewhere (though I looked ;^; ;;; ) what's the approximate time that it starts and ends? See, my group has a 6 hour drive back home, and we only got a hotel for friday night. I need to know what time we're going to have to be present untill so I know how much I need to suck up to our driver. XD;;
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