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  1. Before the con, I am extremely hyper and cannot wait. I leave Florida Thursday morning before the con and fly up there. I go to Otakon and completely become emersed in the con, lack of sleep and food...by the time I come home Sunday night, I just crash. I go to work Monday morning and feel sad but we have a convention here that comes the weekend after Otakon, but its a lot smaller. So its like a little refresher before the lovely school year hits me once again. Damn college! lol. I hate that saddness that you have after you leave. I wish every day was that Friday, lol. XD
  2. I would love to see Death Note on the badges. Anything from there is alright for me. Bleach is also a good one, but I am sure that you wouldn't do that because its to popular. Another good one would be an oldie but goodie...it might have been done a while back before I started going to Otakon but Fushigi Yuugi. And like someone else said, anything from Square Enix would be cool....especially Kingdom Hearts. XD
  3. Since Otakon is a very long trip for me, I starting saving the moment I get home from the convention. Coming from Florida, I try to spend 200 or less on my plane ticket. Sometimes that doesn't always work. Then about 400 on the hotel and about 100 bucks for food. Now that all of that is out of the way, there is the dealers room and Artist's Alley. Last year, I spent a good 1200 bucks in those two alone. But like I said, I save every penny that I can when I go to this convention. Its one of the few awesome cons! But usually, I dig into those funds when I am booking a flight and
  4. KOS-MOS from Xenasaga I. I am really excited to actually being doing this one! I have all the material, I just need to sit down over the holiday break and start sewing! As for the other days, I haven't figured out what I am going to to.
  5. Wolf's Rain definitely! And FMA! Oh man, After episode 7, I carried a box of tissues with me to the TV just in case!
  6. What made me cry? FMA!!! That and Wolf's Rain!
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