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  1. Uh question, on the site in the little yellow bars it says that Pre-Reg for the hall contests will go till Sunday the 28th of July. The 28th of July is a Friday, in 2006. And has anyone received anything back about the hall costume contest pre-reg yet?
  2. Thanks so much you both helped alot!! See you there!!
  3. I plan on attending Otakon 06 and cosplaying... but my hardest decision is weather to enter my costume in the masquerade or the hall contest. I want to enter it into the masquerade but it would be only me on stage. Its not exactly a "skit" more of a "character re-enactment" if you will. I also plan on entering the craftsmanship judging as well. My question is: Is that allowed? Am I allowed to enter the Masquerade having it be just my "character re-enactment"? Or does it have to be a "skit"? Any help would be fantastic!
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