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  1. Gurren Lagan movie! Any of the older Gundam movies too.
  2. Hello! Sorry I could only stop in there for a short period of time... I was very excited to see a modelling panel at Otakon and I do hope you continue. You had very interesting tips! Do you have a website with any of them on there? A few fell out of my head ;_;
  3. I can't believe no one said this! WET ONES For about $1 you can buy a small "travel pack" of 15 antibacterial hand and face wipes. Its much smaller & easier to take with you than a towel and soap (which you should have in your hotel... but I mean, this is a pocket item for the con). Takes off makeup and good for food stains too. Even though they say hand and face, we use em to run into con bathrooms and wipe off sweat.
  4. Coming from Jersey so its not a long way. My boyfriend always insists on driving because its a beautiful drive and he enjoys it. However his Jetta is small so we usually travel as 2 or 3. The drive is builds excitement... I love making the perfect mixtapes for it :mrgreen: and as we get closer, spotting cars going to Otakon too (or coming back, usually more obvious).
  5. I'll be bringing a whole lotta Gundam as usual
  6. I rarely spend over $200 but my friends sure beat that x__X One thing about the cheap swords, some of them are only glued together and will fall apart easily. Which makes me laugh when it happens to my friends, but still. If there are fantastic *new* gundam models available by next Otakon, I will plan on buying those And I always buy t-shirts.
  7. Behind the hotel, there is a huge underground parking garage. I stayed at the Radisson last time and couldn't afford the valet parking, so I parked in the underground garage for $18 a day. We had no trouble getting a spot there and were able to walk to any location we wanted to from there.
  8. Ok theres 1 day left to register for the hall contests, so I need help today ;__; question 1: I'm doing Miwako from Paradise Kiss. she basicly has a new outfit on every page! but I did pick one to follow, but had to make adjustments due to several problems. first, shortened the sleeves for the heat. changed the apron design completely because it was just impossible to sew it the way it was pictured and i cant wear so many layers in the heat. a lot of little changes like that led to the finished product looking very little like the picture :/ So would this still be OK for a contest? Its
  9. Wolfwood in Trigun, the ending of Paradise Kiss and .hack// one of the stories in Confidential Confessions... Actually I don't know why I'm making a list when everything makes me cry.
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