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  1. I really like your about me page It's really short and simple ^_^

  2. For my reasoning, aside from the fact that Lloyd is cool and I like him as a character, I have a bit of a distaste for people cosplaying non-anime/manga/video game characters at cons. It's just my personal preference though, lol. I've never been fond of the Mask though. Not a fan of comedy ^^; In general though, I think Lloyd has a lot more potential to show off your costuming skills~!
  3. Weeeeeeee~! Cosplaying threads XD I think this time, I'll join in, hee hee~! For Friday, I'm bringing back my Albel from Star Ocean 3. It's been a while since I used him...I was so relieved to find that the gauntlet was still in one piece. All I hafta do is repaint part of it. But, I've been in a biiig SO mood again lately. Here's what it looked like in the past (it's still pretty much the same): http://s-kojika.com/DSOD/ohayo2007/41.jpg For Saturday, I'm debutting my Skypeia version of Nami, from One Piece. A friend decided I had to do this. It's probably going to be pretty embaras
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