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Err...howdy? XD I'm not the type who really likes to say too much about myself, so I'll keep this short and simple! I've been into anime/manga for years, and I fell in love with art shortly after. I do alot of my own manga, and my Zos Kias has 6 volumes out, as well as a one shot Desert Tracer, and the first couple volumes of Kappa to Ieba. If I'm not in Artist Alley at cons, you'll almost always find me in karaoke~! I love to sing (though commissions in AA have killed my time for that). I don't think I'm particularly good at either art or singing, but it's something I enjoy. More recently, I've become addicted to cosplay. I finally got a sewing machine, too, which has made things so much easier. I tend to cosplay ridiculous costumes from obscure series, lol.

Something that would make me extremely happy would be seeing someone cosplay from my Zos Kias, outside of my group, lol. So far, I have made Natasha, Lillian, and Umishin costumes for my friends (plus we did a makeshift Light, Nina, Kazehiko, and Randy...that Randy wig is my best styling ever!). I think I could die happy if that happened, lmao. If you wanna read it, please check it out ^^ http://kojika.comicgenesis.com

Er...if you wanna know more about me, try googling "sanzaki kojika" and see what comes up, lmao XD

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