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  1. I've heard from some reliable sources that some forms were lost, mainly the first few. Now I can't guarantee this but I trust my friends who told me, as they e-mailed about the situation. This was supposedly tied to a glitch that happened AFTER the first one they had earlier, which if this is true, the fact that it went unannounced that forms may have been lost REALLY is the last straw for me. This would make it the third time I haven't gotten to compete this year at a con because things keep getting lost. I can understand it happening once in a while but three times in a row in one year is really starting to get to me. Even if it is a computer glitch, common courtesy suggests that you TELL people or allow those that may have lost their forms re-submit or get spots guaranteed.

    *takes a calming breath* I know there's no use getting worked up about it, but I was really wanting to compete this year. I e-mailed someone about it can't tell you who since there's no specific link, I just know it was the option for programming. They need one specifically for masq and hall contest, but whatever. I'm hoping that this will be explained ASAP since I am leaving tomorrow, if not, someone is going to get an earful at the con and at this point I've lost all my patience and understanding.

    It's bad enough that my hopes were dashed last year when my number was mixed up on who won at last year's contest, but this is just not helping my nerves. I just want to cry I was looking forward to this so much >_< I was all proud of myself for registering early like last year... and it still didn't do me any good apparently.

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