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  1. Me and my pal Julia always go to Otakon ever since 2006 ! It'll be our 4th year together this year and the first time it'll be just me and her because my mom is letting me be a grown up *finally* and doing it all on my own
  2. Psst did anyone notice how Hyde is playing on the night of pre-reg ?
  3. Thank you so much for your help, it's much appreciated
  4. Howdy Folks Getting excited for Otakon? I sure am ! As this year will be the first year I am going without a parental advisor, I have decided to take Amtrak from New York to Baltimore. As I have read on the Otakon website, it seems the best way to get from Penn Station to the Convention center is the Light Rail *which seems fun* So I'm just looking for any helpful advice that I need to know as a person using this for the first time. Specific questions: How early do the Light Rails run? Is there a light rail that goes from the Convention Center to Pe
  5. I'm a big Baseball lover, so this would be fantastic
  6. I'd love to see some J-Drama ! I remember them once showing the Train Man drama and it was fantastic ! PLEASE BRING US MORE !
  7. For me... Friday: Phoenix HD Sonic Hedgehog Panel Tadano & Matsushita Panel Opening Ceremonies Madhouse Panel Going early to set up for the lolita fashion show ~~ Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show *I'm the video girl* *getting some food* *might go to: Bad Anime Bad If I feel up to it Saturday: Peter S Beagle Panel *Laura Baily Q&A Bandai Panel The Future of Jrock Panel Sunday Musical Guest Panel Sunday Musical Guest Autograph *Jrock Revolution DVD Premiere *Iron Editor Sunday: Peter S Beagle/Last Unicorn Sunday Concert
  8. Thursday for me... 1) I get in usually between the times of 2:30 - 4 *depends on how late we left that morning which is usually 10 am* 2) Check into our hotel 3) Unpack my clothes *LOLITA YEAH !* and put it in the closet 4) If it's too early to line up, Me and my pal watch something on our portable DVD players 5) Then go to convention center ~~~ 6) After getting badges and such, we usually hop right on over to our favorite irish pub/grill restraunt right across from the convention center, look and drool over the schedule and program book and also find our favorite pre-con cosplay
  9. I was wondering when the other events will be up? and wow... all I can say is, I'm very surprised at the timing of Peter's Last Unicorn event THATS EARLY.
  10. 1) Wake Up (before everyone else in my party, I am like a kid on xmas morning, waiting for the grown ups to get up so we can open presents cause I get so excited I can't even sleep !) 2) Go through the schedule again (still waiting for people to get up) 3) Everyone else in the party gets up. We take our various showers and other bodily cleaning events. 4) Mom orders Room Service Breakfast *oh I love having a mom thats an anime fan* 5) Start to get dressed 6) GO OFF TO OTAKON !
  11. I was just wondering...I know there seems to be a lot of restraunts going away... I wanted to make sure , are the old irish pub/bar grill kind of restraunts that are in front of/across from the convention center still there? It's a tradition with my group that we always go there after getting our pre-registration things ~
  12. Please make an Air Gear or Code Geass one :DDD!!!! I loved my Cutie Honey one last year
  13. My Mom and Me always go, it's our vacation, she being an old school anime fan, me being the japanese pop culture person. and I usually bring my friend Julia, this'll be her third year with me ! and now I got a properly working portable DVD player unlike last year, that'll make the car ride a lot more fun !
  14. I'm probably so excited that the time just flies by, but usually I talk to my partner in crime at the time or call people on the cell phone or do the usual DSing
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