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  1. My all time "anime that should never have been made" choice are the sequels to El-Hazard. I guess I'll give the first tv series a pass since it's a reboot. The first OAV ended perfectly. The second OAV didn't really add anything useful. And the second TV series (same continuity as the OAVs) did nothing but diminish the first OAV. They're series I wished I could forget just so I'd remember the first OAV more fondly.
  2. I'll admit I haven't seen the original production in question. But there are lots of MVs these days where people introduce text and do video effects and digital compositing. I'm thinking here specifically of the harrasment of Kyon video. Yeah, they're using existing footage at its base, but one could say that eventually, someone with enough time and effort could cut out Haruhi, Ichigo and P-chan and put them all into a video together interacting with each other. Anyhow, it seems to me that this is a question of degrees of editing. You go from the vcr days where you can't do any edit
  3. From the Hilton website Hotel Parking Self Parking: 26.00 USD Valet Parking: 36.00 USD In/Out Privileges: -- Secured: Available Covered: Available
  4. I'm glad people are having fun with the surveys. We do try to come up with interesting questions (which of course are more entertaining in the game show itself). And we are getting some pretty diverse answers in Unfortunately, we do ask that you don't submit more than once as we want to keep the statistics from getting too skewed. Thanks for the vampire suggestion, TnAdct1. We're getting very good responses for this and it has a good chance of making it into the gameshow.
  5. The third Otakon Gameshow survey is up at http://www.cjas.org/limesurvey/index.php?sid=35535. Survey #3 runs until June 1st. Survey #3 features several survey questions supplied by respondents to the previous survey. For those who missed the first two, the Otakon Gameshow will have a Survey Says category where the responses are based on surveys filled out by the online community. We want to get as many responses as possible (to make the answers statistically meaningful) so please take a little time to fill out the survey and spread the word to your friends. To thank you fo
  6. I'll start a new post for the third survey announcement. Survey 2 finished off slightly higher than the first. Though I was hoping the lure of swag would get even more. I figure it'll pick up the closer we get to August though.
  7. Reminder that survey #2 is going to end this Sunday. You can find it at http://www.cjas.org/limesurvey/index.php?sid=23558. If you haven't filled out the survey yet, please do. If you have, please let your friends know. Thanks to everyone that's filled out the survey already!
  8. Hmm. I probably should start a new thread for better visibility. But anyhow. Thanks to everyone that participated in the first survey. We got a little over 100 responses. Our second survey is now up at http://www.cjas.org/limesurvey/index.php?sid=23558 . To encourage people to fill it out, we're going to be running a small raffle. If you want to enter, just enter your email on the first page of the survey and then fill out the rest. After the survey is completed, we'll choose some winners from the responses. Survey #2 is going to run until April 27th. We'll also be po
  9. You are correct. We have a qualification quiz. Unfortunately, the schedule was pretty messed up last year and we weren't able to get the revised information publicized very well. It should go better this year and we'll try to make posts here and on our blog ahead of time so people who are interested will be able to find us. Also, thanks to everyone that's responded and help spread the word about our survey. We've had a pretty good response so far, but we're looking for more. So if you haven't filled the survey out yet, please go ahead. Even answering just a few questions will help
  10. Calling all otaku trivia buffs! The Otakon Gameshow crew is gearing up for 2008 and we have a blog running at http://otakon-gameshow.blogspot.com/. A popular category in 2007 was "Survey Says" and we will be running online polls up until the con to collect the data this year. Our first survey is up at here.. Please visit the link and fill out the survey. And let your friends know too. Thanks!
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