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  1. I can't give an official answer (not the sort of thing I deal with), but I can tell you that the first question will likely be "Where do you want/plan to hold this event?" Open floor space in the BCC lobby-type areas would probably not be a good idea because of the sheer volume of foot traffic.
  2. I don't believe badges have been a bottleneck at pre-reg pickup since we ditched the laminators - that was, indeed, a huge time-sink. Now people write their name on the badge of their choice (and I know badge choice is something almost nobody wants to get rid of) and slip it into a holder. Pre-making them is simply not resource-efficient - as you say, the cons that pre-make badges are much smaller than we are. A much bigger waste of time at pre-reg is people who don't have their ID out of their wallet already when they get to the booth, then they have to dig around looking for it... Am I
  3. Definitely watching the numbers go up on the computer as we checked in pre-regs on Thursday night, and watching Matt (TheMinion) generate the at-con reg reports every few hours on Friday-Saturday. The attendance total this year was incredible. Oh, and closing ceremonies, which I have never attended before (and I've been going to Otakon since 2000), was AWESOME. The intro to the AMVs and the opening animation for the con were both mind-blowing, and our videography staff did an AMAZING job on the convention recap reel. I actually felt like I'd had a chance to attend the con after seeing th
  4. Place I stayed: Sheraton Inner Harbor Number of people in room: 4 (three staffers and a TCG) Hotel Staff: Could have been worse, I guess. Walk to the con center: About as short as you can get, I liked that it was near the security entrance since I was going in at 7:30 AM each morning. The skywalk was right there too. The bad: THE BEDS. Oh my god, it felt like sleeping on a brick. The air conditioning was wonky too, I'd have it set at 63 degrees and it'd be hot in the room, but if I turned it up to 70 it cooled off. O.o Oh, and my room key didn't work more than once all weekend - I
  5. It's the same time we've always ended programming on Sunday, as far as I know. It's so our staff can break down and pack up the con, eat dinner, and go to sleep before traveling home on Monday to get back to their real jobs. Most 3-day anime conventions do have a lighter programming schedule on Sunday for that reason. Also, a lot of attendees check out of their hotels around noon on Sunday and go home.
  6. I was driving home around noon on Monday and spent 2 hours longer than usual in traffic for the Bridge. Of course, that gave my grandmother time to get home from the doctor, so I ended up being able to stop in and see her while driving up 301 on my way home, so it worked out well enough for me.
  7. Don't quote me on this, but I was told it has something to with 8-hour shifts for the people who work the dealer's booths, and so the dealers and their workers have time in the evenings to eat dinner and have a bit of time to themselves. This is NOT an official staff answer, this is just what I heard.
  8. The badges are, off the top of my head with my crappy memory: Hellsing (ran out of this one first, at least at my booth) FMA (ran out of this one second, at least at my booth) Lucky Star (ran out of this one third, again, at least at my booth) 2 x Street Fighter characters (looks like concept art to me) 2 x Original Otakon art (our mascots) Kimba the White Lion Code Geass Gundam (I dunno which one) D Greyman (or something like that, I dunno what it is, people kept telling me the name) Romeo x Juliet Most people I spoke with were very pleased with the badge selection
  9. Nobody can pick up your badge but you. However, the lines will be separate on Friday, at least as far as I know.
  10. I bring about $100 in cash since I buy virtually nothing - most of my spending is done at the food stands. Although I will have a credit card in my wallet in case I need it for whatever reason.
  11. I was under the impression that the number of older titles on the programming schedule is a part of our theme this year - it being our 15th anniversary and all, the "time travel" thing, etc.
  12. According to this - http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/stori...18/daily46.html - It's a music festival. Basically two days of concerts.
  13. I usually show up around noon on Thursday, check in to my hotel and go over to the BCC to help set up registration. Friday and Saturday I'm at the BCC around 8 AM, Sunday a little bit later. I go home Monday afternoon.
  14. Hostelling is a BAD idea if you bring a lot of luggage. I've traveled and stayed in hostels a lot and there's not much space for your stuff - usually you get a relatively small locker that you can fit a big backpacking pack into, but that's about all. If you travel light, they're a reasonable, cheap alternative to hotels. Also keep in mind that you usually share a bathroom with anywhere from ten to thirty other people.
  15. I spend about $150 for the weekend, without paying for a hotel - $15 or so for parking (I bring too much stuff to take the light rail from a free parking lot and it's not worth it), maybe $50-60 for stuff from the dealers' room (there's very little I want anymore besides an Otakon t-shirt and whatever cool new merchandise we have), and the rest for food and little miscellaneous expenses. I don't have a lot of time to spend money at-con.
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