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  1. I’ve been binging on Ace of Diamond, myself, in between keeping up with the way too many series I'm watching. And now I get to wait for Black Clover, Idolish7, and Food Wars, so I'm getting through it even faster! Only about 40 eps to go...
  2. Looks like AX has also cancelled. Things are definitely looking down... http://www.anime-expo.org/2020/04/17/anime-expo-return-los-angeles-2021/
  3. I guess my present answer would be moot, since now it is an hour drive, but for my first few Otakons, it was coming from upstate New York. I started cons as staff for Shoujocon, (There is a story there, but I won't bore you all.) and I decided I wanted something bigger. Well, I couldn't get much bigger than Otakon, so it would give me a great small con/large con contrast. (No, I am not willing to fly out to some... other con...) Of course, like the fish in the pond, I was hooked. This will be my... 5th (?) year going now, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon! I also keep saying that I
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