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  1. I'll be going with my boyfriend and 2 friends (one from college and one from high school). So 4 people total. Should make a nice and cosy group
  2. I took pics of the badges selection, so for anyone's curious, here they are! Part 1 Part 2 I got the D.Gray-Man one myself, though I loved the Code Geass and Lucky Star one.
  3. The concert was awesome! I didn't know all the songs they sang, but they had so much energy! And their attempts at English were cute to listen to. I'm just totally pumped out that they sang "Skill" at the very end. When they started Soul Taker I got so disappointed because I thought they wouldn't sing Skill. But then I decided to trust them and everything worked out fine. In conclusion, I had an awesome first real concert experience I just wish there were more people there.
  4. For budgeting purposes, I usually use cash. During past cons I've been to I didn't have a bank account yet (and thus debit card). I don't foresee much changing now that I do have one though. Just got so used to using cash. I don't tend to spend too much money. Though I will be carrying my debit card around as a backup in case I go over the amount I allotted myself.
  5. I'm just a poor college student (and so is everyone in my group), so we can't afford to spend too much. Pre-Reg: $55 Hotel: ~$45 (We found a BWI hotel that's only $170 total for Friday and Sat, so split between 4 people it's really cheap). Parking: ~$20/day for 3 days Gas: estimating $250 for the whole trip split 4 ways. We'll have to drive all night/morning Friday to get to Baltimore Friday morning. NOT looking forward to that...but at least we'll be listening to JAM PROJECT songs in the car! Great chance to get everyone else familiar with some of their music. Food:
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