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  1. Awesome... The Blue Razz Long Island is the best... just don't go washing it down with stuffed mushrooms before deciding to go wait in the hot Baltimore sun for a couple hours.... Speaking from experience... And if anyone wants to play random strangers just have something worth giving away (last year it was gatorades and tickets to Tropic Thunder) and just give a descriptive characteristic of someone and give said item to the first person in line you find that matches....
  2. Wow... I can't remember the last time it was $3.00 for an all day pass... It was bumped up to $3.50 some time ago -- Either way I wouldn't imaging you needing an all day pass since you are only going one way ($1.60). Make sure you take the SOUTHBOUND train so you don't end up in Timonium or Cromwell... All in all its the best mode of Baltimore's public transportation system (be grateful you don't have to catch the Metro or an actual bus) and you shouldn't run into any problems. Midday and during events you will see more "Fare Inspectors" than usual so make sure you get a ticket.
  3. Do you happen to know if the move would be to the "Billie Holiday Junior Ballroom" or the "Francis Scott Key Grand Ballroom"? To let everyone else know the ballrooms are 87.00' x 171.00' (14,877sq ft) and 118.00' x 216.00' (25,488sq ft) respectively... Now either of these rooms should provide ample amount of space and according to the floorplan (http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/hotels/hotelpromo.jhtml?ctyhocn=BWICCHH&promo=floorplans&cid=OH,HH,bwicc,FloorPlansF) it shouldn't affect hotel guests... BUT I can see this being a problem if even one person gets out of hand and I totally agree tha
  4. I know that there is usually a big meetup at Edo but if there are any 21+ congoers there is a pretty good happy hour deal at Houlihan's. Half price drinks and appetizers and the Long Islands are pretty good... If anyone wanted to meetup feel free -- I'm sure that a few friends and myself will be there until the line dies down a little... that is unless we decide to play a game of Random Strangers... Either way See you there!
  5. I'm fairly interested in seeing how this will turn out... I was a big fan off the anime/movie... any thoughts? The Japanese animation studio Sunrise has officially announced the plans for a live-action film adaptation of its Cowboy Bebop science-fiction anime franchise. The American film studio Twentieth Century Fox, the production company 3 Arts Entertainment, and Sunrise itself are collaborating on the project. Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, A Scanner Darkly, Johnny Mnemonic) is slated to star. Joshua Long is acting as a production supervisor, and Erwin Stoff, a film producer who worked c
  6. Devil's Rejects Soundtrack.... Portal song is awesome too duelist... but also I found that cheezy pop songs that get stuck in ur head are the best -- people know the words and u can get everyone in the car to sing along...
  7. Its going to be a great game for sure... eventhough I'ma baltimore boy born and raised -- I have to root for my Titans... And they are gonna CRUSH the Ravens... I hope Philly wins too...
  8. You could always look into a VHS to DVD converter... or a good ol' dual VHS/DVD player w/record... I did a few backups of precious tapes on my computer
  9. I got the movie just recently and I couldn't stop laughing... The voiceovers were awesome and the gore was great. Another good Otakon Movie was ASSEMBLY... if you haven't seen it definately check it out.
  10. If you ever plan on staying for an extended period of time I would highly suggest Leo Palace 21 Corporation (www.eg.leopalace21.com/index.html) -- pretty good rates and nice places. The women are MUCH more beautiful in person :-)
  11. Good job knocking out the Colts in the 1st round San Diego... GO TITANS!!!
  12. not at all... civilian clothes this year...
  13. Really has no relevance to anything but I'm venting... There will be no Super Jedi Ninja Pirate Panda this year :-(
  14. ok i sent you a message... I still don't understand one of the missions though... something like win without leaving the ground or something... n e ol way i'm hoping to have some good competetion this year...
  15. I wanna bring the memory card w/ all the characters unlocked.... how should I go about this?
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