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  1. Yeah, they did notify me about the not hosting direct pics... after they went ahead and took them down. I didn't save any of the hosting info, so I'll have to rehost them all. I never read forum rules, I just guess, and try not to offend anyone. 9 times out of 10 I get it right, this time, not so much.
  2. If youre referring to the Corolla, no- she started out as a stock 1985 GTS hatch.... if youre referring to the Silvia, yes it came over by ship. And no, I don't live in Japan, I live in New Jersey lol, going to Japan this winter for a long vacation, prolly about a month, thats one of the things selling the AE86 paid for. And, thanks for the compliment on the build! The next one will probably be a track coupe powered by an f20c motor from an S2000... but thats if I don't find a Skyline to lay my hands on. Currently a toss up.... gonna depend on what I find first.
  3. well, if you're on the east coast, check out www.ectoyotas.com its good for us local ppl who love our toyotas
  4. Thanks guys, heres the build pics of the AE86, if anyone wants more pictures. http://forums.club4ag.com/zerothread?id=27178
  5. Well, its all thanks to people who like the cars I build lol. I sold the RX7 without the 18" wheels for 3,200 and the AE86 for 10,000. Picked up the Silvia on a deal, but now I'm really looking for a Skyline. But they're alittle difficult to get. I lost money on the AE86 tho, prolly had about 20k into her. Should have never sold it, but its ok, I'll get another at some point. As to how I afford it? Good old fashioned elbow grease, working 60hr weeks in retail sales. Bleh. But gotta work to feed the anime habit
  6. That was me! Someone was taking pics of us on the ride home, so my friend started video taping them taking pics of us... very amusing. The whole reason I'm posting is because I didn't have a chance to bring the car by the convention center itself like I've done with my cars in the past (2007: AE86 hatch and RX7 done up like the Initial D cars) Guess there were people curious about that last year as well. Better late than never! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did, and who knows what I'll be driving next year. *cough* Skyline? *cough*
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