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  1. I live in Bel Air Maryland, and received mine on Saturday. I wasn't expecting it to be delivered on Saturday, as I didn't even realize the mail would be delivered on Saturday. Also, when I left work on Friday evening, there still was no tracking number on my membership page. So, hang in there and be patient.
  2. Just a couple of useful, common sense suggestions: Raise the screens closer to the ceiling, in order to read the subtitles at the bottom of the screen. ( Either hang them from the ceiling or purchase larger stands that raise the screen up much higher. ) Set up the theater width wise. Instead of 20 seats across by 150 rows deep, how about 150 seats across by 20 rows deep? Just move the screen to the side of the room instead of the back of the room. (I would much rather be off to the right or left and only have to look past a few rows of people to read the subtitles.) I kno
  3. Does anyone know any prices, for a full day of parking, at the garages surrounding the convention center? More importantly, closing times? A couple of years ago I saw a bunch of people stranded outside of the 'Down under parking' about 1 am.
  4. As a backup in case a print that was ordered doesn't make it in time... How about showing something on an HD DVD player or Blu-Ray player, instead of standard dvd. HD players are going for $99 at best buy after Thanksgiving. It's just that the 35mm room seems bit more special than the others. I just think this would be a nice treat for people who love this theater, and keep them happy if you have to change programming.
  5. The main reason I come to Otakon is to see something I would not get a chance to. Meaning, new or unusual films that would otherwise never show here because "Middle America" wouldn't get it. I can't recall the name at the moment, but the one that played last year, with the guy dragging the coffin, and what you think is a sword that he never unsheathed until the end of the movie, turned out to be a huge freakin' shotgun. That one was just insane! Also I appreciate the premiers, like Zatoichi, and Hero. Really, I can't thank you guys enough. The only criticism I have is for the
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