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  1. why not teach english in japan? that would be a fun way to make some money.
  2. mebbe some of you misunderstood me but i said screen the show as it was aired originally in japan, not a fansub or bootleg. they're already selling the blu-ray disks for macross frontier!!! how hard would it be to get permission from bandai to show it at the con. this would boost their sales when they localize it for the us. imho a programming mix of 40-60% 2008 shows, 30-40% 2007 shows, 10-30% older shows would be perfect. look at it this way, they don't showcase last years games at E3 do they?
  3. Is it just me or is this year's Otakon programming uninspiring? Too many old shows on the program (e.g. Macross 7, Bubblegum Crisis, Lost Universe etc.). Understand the need to strike a balance but the con risks becoming irrelevent as a retro anime con at this rate. I'm happy to see Vampire Knight and Allison to Lillia on the schedule but where are all the other hot new shows like Macross Frontier, Soul Eater, Blassreiter, Rebuild of Evangelion, Slayers Revolution etc. I don't mind watching these shows in the native Japanese without subs in one of the smaller rooms during late night programmin
  4. I'm thinking mebbe we could have a poker tournament on Thursday nite. Heck we all have some overpriced item we're just dying to buy in the dealer's room. This way, at least one of us has the cash to actually buy it
  5. Glad to see my budget is not that different from everyone else. Prolly end up spending more than $700 this weekend between the hotel ($200), food ($100), gas/tolls ($80), registration ($65), and the DR ($250). One important thing I learned from this thread is to FIND A FRIEND WHO LIVES IN BALTIMORE for next year
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