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  1. Place I stayed: Days Inn Number of people in room: 4 Hotel Staff: Super Nice, Super Helpful, Super Awesome, Just Plain SUPER! Walk to the con center: 2 minutes The bad: God I can't think of any. Only 2 elevators, but they move pretty fast. Some TVs are locked so you cannot hook anything up to them, some however are not, its a toss up. The good: Right outside the Con, 2 minute walk from the lobby to the con. Did I mention the awesome staff? They try their best to help with EVERYTHING. One of our cars had a flat and they called a tow for us. Rooms are nice, microwave and fridge,
  2. A lot of the staff wakes up early(8am) and doesn't leave the con till late(1am) on con days. Not to mention fly/driving in from various states(Like Michigan for me), come sunday we are zombies.
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