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  1. Weather looks like it will cooperate, it will be low to mid 80's all weekend! *WOOT*

    as for the Iraq war vet gofer---many thanks for that story. It's awesome that he made it back safely to attend this year. YAY!

    Last year I donated a TON of comics/videos/swag I purchased from Comic Con 07 to Soldiers serving who didn't have family/gifts for Xmas. Two of the comic books were signed by Warren Ellis. My friend who organized the drive made certain that someone who would appreciate the things would receive them. I'm going to purchase a few items this year as well and donate them again during the Xmas season.

  2. Okay, I'm going to give away my fav place for Asian delights and one of fells Points Best kept secrets.....

    Asahi Sushi on Broadway.

    Fells Point is about a 20 minute walk from BCC. of, for $1.60 you can take the # 11 bus up Fleet street and get off on the corner of Fleet and Broadway. Asahi is right across the street.

    EVERYTHING they make is handmade---even the shumai and Gyoza. They even make Koren food that is to DIE for (i love to nom on some bibimbop)

    For those over 21, it's BYOB.

  3. I'd really hoping that my submission for a Sonic the Hedgehog panel gets the big OK. That is one panel I've always wanted to go to one but could A) never find one or :D miss it for some obscure reason.

    I would like to see a panel on Japanese Cooking though. That would be awesome.

  4. upstanding citizen of Baltimore
    having been a resident of the baltimore area for almost twenty years, i can tell you with absolute certainty that this right here is an oxymoron.

    as long as your cosplay doesn't involve baggy pants that are down to your knees and allowing boxers and thongs to show, and as long as you don't smell like the drink you have concealed in a paper bag you're carrying, and as long as your reason for getting people's attention doesn't involve asking them for money they can spare, you're probably an improvement over what most of us are used to seeing in the city.

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