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  1. If this new guess-the-guest is who I think it is, I just got like five of their songs stuck in my head after answering it lol. Very catch. .... which reminds me, I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up that the other one would be Kalafina (especially since Otakon doesn't like to bring groups that are already popular). And I shouldn't get my hopes up that the seiyuu will be... let's call him "3". It might be "3" but it could also be "9". If it's 3, though, I'll love you forever. (Actually, it could also be "4"...) (I also love you forever if you get the number references)
  2. I'm... trying not to get my hopes up for the seiyuu who recently made a splashy return in his big award-winning role... or a premier of that film... or the English voice actor of that role... or the director... or anyone else from that series. Except I can't help it because my life revolves around that series, I'm way too obsessed. But it fits, as far as I can tell from googling, he hasn't been to a US convention. If it's the one I'm thinking of or anyone else from Durarara!! plus Toshiyuki Toyonaga, I miiight have to cosplay something from that. Edit: ohmygod, if that mwahaha is a h
  3. I know Otakon's stance on musical guests that are already popular and have done conventions, so I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up that it would be Kalafina... Still most excited about Laura Bailey, at least there's someone from my favorite series at Otakon this year. Crossing my fingers for the two other voice actors and "big name" seiyuu...
  4. I didn't cry ever in FMA... not even when Hughes died... probably because someone had told me that Riza and Roy also die in that episode. I don't think I've ever actually cried in an actual anime. I cried reading Megatokyo a few times, and I cried once or twice watching Avatar, and I cried the first time I saw Rent on Broadway, during the song "One Song Glory"... but I don't think ever during an anime. Edit: I did cry during an anime actually... at the end of the first season of Magic Knight Rayerth... Don't know how I forgot that.
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