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  1. Your best place for answers would be checking the Art Show page (https://www.otakon.com/exhibits/art-show/) and associated terms, requirements, and guidelines. Yes The short answer is yes, subject to limitations Saturday at 2pm A small piece like that is likely fine, if it meets the guidelines
  2. You can add shipping on the second screen, right below the payment card information.
  3. The proxy system utilized is basically the same, whether you have a companion to hold your place in line or another attendee volunteers. However, your badge is not involved in the process (and should be kept with you.)
  4. As long as you aren't disruptive about leaving, and the other panel room isn't full when you arrive, then as a general rule you can come and go as you like.
  5. If you are worried about navigating, I would definitely avoid the mere thought of driving THROUGH the city, but the inner harbor is fairly close to I-95. As long as you come in from underneath then you should be fine. Not to say that obsessing over a map or (meaning and) having a GPS [you can trust to know about 1-way streets] will make life much less stressful.
  6. My main concern was what, if anything, would be going on next door in any of the adjoining rooms. As well intentioned as it may be, soundproofing something like the rave is bound to be a matter of degrees. Then again, if traffic flow would be more free and permit a less constricted bag check, that could be worth a little noise bleed-over.
  7. The prepayment part is important, as Passkey allows for drops. For comparable bookings, the price has usually been pretty consistent, and it's just a matter of whether the extra $30/night (interest really) is worth the right to back-out before con. Depending on how things go, I am still considering dropping my Passkey registration to get the lower rate, since that effective interest rate was 15% back in September and has nowhere to go but up as the term decreases.
  8. Bah! Is it possible for Otakon to be coming up too fast???? Nope, that's just propoganda spread by those worried about getting everything done in time.
  9. Conventionally (pnoi) it should start flipping in the next month, with registration in the 2-4 weeks thereafter. But since 2008 stats, 2009 banners, and the event calendar for 2009 haven't even been hit yet, and with life being the bear it is, we shall just have to be content to wait on the edge of our seats for the next 27 weeks till showtime ... chanting "are we there yet?" the whole way.
  10. Artists already have the option of placing a fixed price they are willing to accept when putting art up in the show (at least the last two years when I've had shifts down there.) Besides, not everything ends up in the Sunday auction. Only those pieces that fill the bid card or by staff selection move on to the formal auction. Are you asking if they can request the item be left up for the entire weekend, even if sold sooner, to drive post-con transactions? I say request because it would likely be up to the purchaser once paid (they may not be around the whole weekend.)
  11. No competition for food will also mean little incentive for the legitimate street vendors to make an appearance next year. Street vendors for Otakon must work on the Star Trek cycle.
  12. Technically, as an outside booking, it shouldn't be possible ... but I found (at least I found back in the days of Wyndham) that when you call to confirm, if they don't ask/point out that there is no account associated, just ask if it was put in at the same time, and they will include the account for tracking. I may just go this route for next year anyway, because going back in to Passkey with preference changes seemed to open a bit more of the reservation for editing than I am confortable with.
  13. I really hope more rooms are added to the Hilton block. The hotel itself still shows plenty of rooms available 7/16-19 directly @ $195 ... and Hotels.com is offering rooms @ $170/night with non-refundable pre-payment, which only sounds bad until you do the math to figure out that they are effectively charging over 15% interest for the right to back-out and pay later.
  14. Hi, my name is Bill, and I'm an Otakoholic. Aye, and the daily (or nearly) trips to the BBS are required just to keep up without drowning in all of us looking to hold on ... for the 47 weeks until Otakon 2009!
  15. Was tempted to vote for both (partially only because we could,) but my answer is two-fold: how big a difference? and all things being equal (or proportionate) I prefer a later start for a few reasons: It lets more hotels get signed. This gives a real option, rather than book now because it is open, book again later if cheaper, or closer, or the hotel I actually want, and then drop the extra room(s) .... eventually if I remember in time to dodge the cancelation penalty timeframe. It gets more people ready. I love competative shopping. Where is the fun of it if only a select few can qu
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