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  1. I was part of the Silent Hill panel last year... sadly, my friend moved away so we couldn't try for it this year... Otherwise, I'm freaking excited about meeting her! I have to buy another copy of my Silent Hill 3 soundtrack, though.
  2. I was wondering if anyone got a picture of me in my Cammy costume on saturday. Here is a reference picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v668/Tri...OT/CIMG0478.jpg I was walking around with a Ryu and an M. Bison pretty much the entire time I was at the con center. If you have a picture of me, please PM it to me. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I had heard it was different from someone else. I wanted to check.
  4. Hi, I heard that the hall costume contest had filled all it's spots for prereg. Will there still be spots open at the con if we get in line or something like that? My friend and I have costumes but we are both having money issues so we aren't sure if we are going to complete them on time.
  5. I have a friend that should be wearing his Gendo and I'm doing Ritsuko.
  6. If my Paine costume falls through, I'll be using the box of vinyl I bought to make an I-No (for last year... I couldn't get boots) and have an I-No costume to go. My friend is bringing her May, though.
  7. I don't sweat a whole lot, but I do have a costume for each day, normally. The best things you can do are shower EVERY day (I know some people that shower two or three times a day) and don't wear your costume all day (take a break. Some of those shoes are murder... even if you don't think they will be). Some of the hotels have washers and dryers. (Holiday Inn did a few years ago.. I got stuff all over my costume, washed it and put it back on) You could wash your costume at the end of each day, if it is washable. You'll be surprised what you make that can go in the washing machine t
  8. My friends and I are still talking about this. Half of them can't make up their minds if they are coming to Otakob but we would have a medic(Me), a spy, a pyro, a soldier, and a scout if it worked out.
  9. We were supposed to have 10 and Rose, but I think we are holding off until Dragon*Con now.
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