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  1. Your tracking number should appear in the Members Only section of the website. If it is not there please fill out a ticket at http://help.otakon.com and we can investigate it.
  2. Totes just responded to your desk case a few min ago :3 Please submit a help ticket at help.otakon.com so we cant look up your account and see what is going on. Please note that we cannot look anything up till the site is back up. Me and some of the other help desk team have been working as fast as we can to get issues resolved as quickly as possible. thanks everyone who has been so patient while we work through the queue.
  3. Try calling your local post office first. If they still have it you may be able to get it redelivered or they might be able to hold it for pick up.
  4. For issues such as Pending Status, Inactive status, etc please submit a help desk ticket. This will allows to get information from you to look up your account and see what is going on. We will work as fast as we can too look at your account and fix any dependencies.
  5. Music/DJ/Producer Shinichi Osawa thats my request

  7. "Other users have left no comments for Tsuki"

    Ah, we better fix that!

    *notices your OHSHC Codplsy*

    Are you cosplaying as Haruhi?

  8. it was amazing, one of the few things i got to see this year and i <3 it.
  9. if i knew how i would make a vista gadget counter =P
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