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  1. Well since I posted last there are a few more animes that got me teary eyed... Gundam Seed - This one I find rather strange because I openly disliked the character who's death made me cry! I guess for me it's not so much *who* dies, but how they do the scene. In this particular case I was bawling like a baby... FMA Movie - At the part where Wrath and Izumo reunite *sniffle* Blood+ - I teared up several times during this series...and not just at character deaths. There were just so many scenes that hurt my heart! Well I think that's it...for now...
  2. The ending of the last Kenshin OVAs Ayashi No Ceres (when they play the opening theme, that's when it gets me!) FMA (the brutal scene halfway through the series) X-tv
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