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  1. You lined up Wednesday night?! do a lot of people do that? I thought it was only a handful of brave souls that did that I was wondering about the getting out of line thing......... it's good to see that you can run to a bathroom or CVS so long as the people behind you don't mind. Is the line watched over by staffers? I ask this because I was in line for a masquerade at a con, got out of line to use the bathroom, and then I tried to get back in and had problems with a staffer. I was able to get back in line because the people behind me didn't mind. Would something like this happen Thursd
  2. As one of the Line monkeys who last year was there when the line formed weds night, and was there for when It wrapped around the building. WEAR SUNSCREEN, and as has been said many times before, Lots of water. And as for holding your place in line, Make friends with the people in front of and behind you. Its a pretty good way to hold your place. And on another note, Check the weather... As it did last year it could rain, and ruin your day, so please bring appropriate clothing.
  3. Those little table are good places, although I have noticed that people often ignore them. You definitely want a table in either the dealers room or Artists alley.
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