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  1. Interesting considering i'm either going to be cosplaying as Ishida from Bleach or Sai from Naruto.
  2. I hope they release the schedule for panels some time soon. If not, I'll take the initiative to organize a photoshoot. 100 percent chance that there will be one on saturday, and a 75-80 percent chance for friday.
  3. Yeah Frail! more Reborn! My group is going to have a Tsuna, Gokudera, Mukuro, Lambo and Ryohei! Long Live Vongola!
  4. I'm going to cosplay as the Adult Lambo's from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I'm hoping to see alot of other Reborn cosplayers!
  5. I'll be doing Adult Lambo Lexile, so there will definitely be one there for you during the photoshoots. Frail - Lal Mirch is the best! Kickass! I can't wait for Otakon, when should be plan the photoshoot?
  6. there definitely will be a photoshoot. Reborn kicks ass anyways. We mafioso can take down all those ninjas, pirates, shinigamis and alchemists. Just get them guardians
  7. Change of Plans. I'll be cosplaying as 15 year old and 25 year old Lambo over the weekend. With me in my group will be a Gokudera, a Yamamoto and a Hibari.
  8. I'll be bringing a Reborn cosplay group as well. I'll be Mukuro, and if everything goes well, I'll have a Ryohei, a Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Chigusa. Among others...
  9. Would there be any situation in which a prop could be "borrowed" from Otakon and the area? Like say you needed a chair and desk for a skit, would you be able to borrow them from the con? Just wondering because it might not be that easy to transport those things for the masquerade. Then again...perhaps chairs and stuff are against the rules? Someone let me know please and thank you.
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