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  1. I will take your suggestion into consideration. Personally I try to avoid using youtube clips since they are a pain to work with and there is no free wireless in the BCC to utilize for streaming. There's only so much we can fit into a 1 to 1.5 hour panel and for the 2008 panel we didn't even get to a lot of the stuff we had planned. Our guy that did a review of New Japan ran way over, while informative, we had to cut the match we planned to show from WreslteJAM. Hopefully, for 09 (if we get accepted again), will have some new stuff/new direction for the panel. Just shoot m
  2. Just an update: From my sources, Japanese media will be covering/filming Zazen Boys tour for a possible DVD/CD live album. So if you want to be apart of this come on down. Show will start sometime around 10PM, Zazen Boys will go on sometime around 11-11:30.
  3. For anyone that attended the J-Indie/modern Rock Panel should know that these guys were covered in the panel. Formed after Number Girl disbanded. They are playing a few shows on the East Coast starting this Sunday in New York, Philly on Wednesday, and Baltimore on Thursday at the Talking Head (in the same building as Sonar). Best of all tickets are $8, so come out and support this band and just maybe this will encourage other bands to come over and play the East Coast. This show in Baltimore was booked by xtsquintx, who hosted the J-Indie/Modern Rock Panel. http://en.wikipedia.org
  4. I've always shown up after 9PM, never had to wait more then 10 minutes to get my badge.
  5. Flying Scotsman, you seem to have great taste in beer. I'm going to try and make it down to Max's sometime in the next week or two.
  6. That would be awesome if Otakon did something in conjunction with them. I know they usually offer 10% off if you show them your Otakon pass. The only thing is, they don't have anything that has to do with Japanese pop culture...Everything in there is American pop culture.
  7. Thanks to this thread, I finally put in my vacation time for Otakon. Of course, a good bit of the people I work with will be working a booth in the dealers room or networking with companies at the convention.
  8. Japanese Wrestling would like to return to Otakon for 2008. We currently have several ideas ideas for themes, clips, matches, wrestlers, and are favorite video game and anime tie ins. So if anyone that attended last year or back in 2006 and want to throw us a suggestion or two, fill free to PM me. Thanks
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